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  • The 2024 Toni Awards

    Happy Tony Awards Day! This year has been one of the most exciting years for theatre with a record number of new shows opening, as well as some pretty distinct innovative works. There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding this year’s awards, and after seeing most of the shows eligible for awards this year, it’s hard to pick a single standout winner in each category. I have yet to see…

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  • April Theatre Recap

    Trying to see everything interesting in a packed Broadway season is tough. Trying to keep your notes updated so you can make recommendations for your friends? Even harder. I have definitely been slacking in publishing my theatre thoughts, so I decided to share a quick…

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  • Back to the Future on Broadway

    Despite living in New York my entire life and seeing plenty of Broadway shows growing up, the musicals I recall seeing the most were theme park shows. Whether at Disney or Busch Gardens, the shows always pulled from well-known stories or concepts and never took…

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  • Eating Dreams is Gut!

    You’ve probably heard of Gutenberg (the man). You know, the inventor of the printing press and moveable type that caused an international literacy revolution? Yes, Johannes Gutenberg, of early 15th century Germany. Well, get ready to hear about Gutenberg! the Musical, now playing at the…

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