• How I Spent my 19th Birthday

    Despite just starting the weirdest college semester ever, my birthday was just last week and I knew I had to try to plan something fun. I can’t be as school as much as I want to, but I knew I wanted to spend time with my closest friends. Thankfully, I was able to have a super magical day, with some extra fun on the weekend. My actual birthday was last…

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  • Thanksgiving 2019

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a happy day celebrating with your family, friends, and loved ones! This year, I’m very lucky to be celebrating with my family, and vlogs from my entire Thanksgiving will be coming soon to Terrifically Toni! Every year…

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  • A (Junior) Year in Review

    To view the original post with images, click here. Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! It’s officially summer now! I’m finally done with my junior year of high school! It’s been a crazy year and full of surprises. Since so much has happened this year, I…

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