All About Gideon’s Bakehouse

If you’re up to date on your Walt Disney World culture, you’ve probably heard of Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs. If you haven’t, it’s a bakery that specializes in cookies and cakes with a Victorian-like ambiance. They’re famous for their half-pound cookies and decadent cakes, and rightfully so. After one bite, you’ll likely find yourself signing up to join the cult of Gideon’s super fans. 

Gideon’s originally started at the East End Market in Orlando, Florida, but opened up shop in Disney Springs in June 2020 to rave reviews and crowds of fans. In both locations, the walls are lined with bookshelves. Especially at the Disney Springs location, it feels like you’re in a totally different world (which explains the THEA award they won for best retail design). Once you get up to the display case, you’ll probably start feeling mouth-watering excitement and a little bit overwhelmed. After all, all of the cookies are just about a half pound each, and the cakes are equally as impressive and massive. They’re definitely meant to be shared, or eaten in multiple sittings, unless the cookie takes over, and at that point, no judgement if you can eat an entire cookie in one sitting. Honestly, I’ve done it a couple times now with no regrets. 

If you’re scared of ordering wrong, let me tell you this- I’ve never had a bad thing at Gideon’s. Even things I would traditionally hate (like coffee cake or peanut butter bites), I have absolutely loved. My personal favorites are the cookies and cream and the original chocolate chip cookies, as well as the red velvet cake. If you’re nervous about ordering too much, they last for a surprisingly long time, and can be frozen for longer periods of sitting with minimal effect on flavor. On my most recent trip (and my first visit to the East End location), my family bought at least half a dozen cookies to take home with us. We put a couple in the freezer to save for a rainy day, one of which has been put aside to celebrate my graduation in May. I also put one in the freezer for my boyfriend who’s never been. Even a couple days after coming out of the freezer, my boyfriend tells me that his chocolate chip cookie was still incredibly satisfying and delicious. He also mentioned that he ate every last crumb, and required I bring him more next time I go.

Ok, by this point in the post, your mouth is probably watering, so let’s switch gears a little bit. I’m craving a cookie just sitting here writing this post.

If you think Gideon’s just does baking and decorating well, just wait until I tell you about their line of characters. Yup, that’s right- characters. Every month, the brand unveils a new character alongside all of their monthly specials, and they’re all themed to be a cohesive set! At Disney Springs, you can get a little monthly menu with the character art on the front. Plenty of merchandise is also available in-store and online with these special characters, as well as their classic art, including pins, t-shirts, stickers and candles. While I love a good pin, sticker, and t-shirt, the candles are probably my favorite. I have the Coffee Cake, Krampus, Kris Kringle, and Banana Bread Cookie Candles and I love them all! They’re my go-to whenever I want to burn a candle, and they most certainly bring that wonderful fresh-baked Gideon’s smell to any room. Plus, they’re made in partnership with another small business!

If you’re ready to make the jump and start discovering Gideon’s, you can learn more on their website or visit one of their two locations in Orlando to try their incredible offerings. If you’ve already been, let me know what some of your favorite Gideon’s offerings are in the comments!

Have a terrific day!

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