Celebrating Valentine’s Day

You don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Despite common belief, Valentine’s Day is just a celebration about love and happiness (and an excellent reason to wear a lot of pink and red). Many people, especially those who are single, tend to forget this with the strong emphasis on relationships during this season. Today, I’ll be sharing ways for you to celebrate the holiday, even if you don’t have a significant other!

Share Candy with Friends

I fully admit that I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but I love spending time with my friends. Usually, our school does a senior fundraiser for Valentine’s Day where you can buy a bundle of Hershey Kisses to be sent to your friends. I bought a few for my closest friends this year as a little reminder that I appreciate our friendship! Even if you’re not in an environment with a structed system like the one at my school, there’s tons of yummy candy available for the holiday that is perfect as either a small gift or to share as a group!

Dress for the Occasion

Everyone knows that pink and red are the unofficial colors of Valentine’s Day, so why not dress for the occasion? Match the two colors, maybe throw in a few hearts or polka dots, and you have the perfect V-day outfit that’s totally insta-worthy. Your outfit isn’t the only option though; there’s so much you can do with your makeup! With pinks, red, and mauves, you can create a beautiful eye look. Throw in a red lip, a little pink highlighter, and maybe a little heart on the end of a winged eyeliner, and you’ve got the perfect festive look.

Watch a Rom-Com

Movies (and TV shows) are the best way to celebrate just about anything! Get some friends together, and you’ll have a great watch party. Rom-com’s are fitting to the season, and so are most Disney Princess movies! Netflix is also will bring up shows and movies they recommend when you put “Valentine’s Day” in the search bar.

Get Creative

It’s ok to act like you’re in elementary school again, especially when it’s for crafts! There are so many cute crafts to try on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day, and even just some of the basics we all remember from grade school! Many of these crafts, like banners and little table items, can also be used for décor to get your home into the festive spirit as well. How awesome is it to not only have a fun activity but also something that you can leave up for the big day?

Share the Love

Romantic love is not the only kind of love, right? So, why not share a little love with everyone? Compliment a friend, classmate, or coworker, put a few extra positive comments on social media, or just be sure to smile- it’s all a great way to make someone else’s day! There are countless ways to spread the love and share a little happiness with the world! Even if you like to spread happiness and magic all year long, it never hurts to put extra good vibes out on special occasions!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is all about reminding those around you how much you care about them, whoever they may be! I hope you found some festive inspiration for your celebration, and have an amazing Valentine’s Day! I love you all!

See ya real soon,

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