Creating an Anxiety-Free Environment

If you’re anything like me, the past year and a half has brought about so much extra stress and anxiety, sometimes to a point that can feel like everything is out of control. Now that I’m on summer vacation and trying to prep for my re-emergence into the real world, I’ve been spending a decent amount of my time trying to find ways to calm my mind and create a happier environment for myself. While some of the overwhelming emotions can come from an overall environment, it’s possible to find joy and magic in any situation. Want to know how I’ve been improving my mindset? I’ve been looking towards the little things.


As a kid, I could never put a book down; I just loved immersing myself in stories! Now, I’ve been using those stories to better myself. While most of the books I read help to calm me down and put me in a better mood, many of them also surround larger questions and principles I find myself thinking about far outside the realm of the pages. Being able to learn from the characters’ mistakes and lessons has been really big for me and I’ve already felt an improvement in my mindset from reading more.


As silly as it sounds, candles have really been helping me stay calm and even-minded. The scents obviously help to make me happy, but the aesthetics of the candle itself just help to create a calming mood. I’ve been loving Bath & Body Works candle scents, but I also have an Altar’d State Sanctuary Candle and I recently bought a candle from Magic Candle Company. 


I started journaling earlier this year and it’s been such a big help! I started with a guided journal from The Happy Planner for everyday, but now, I use a regular notebook and just jot down feelings and ideas whenever they pop into my head. I find that taking the space to just reflect on a day or event and let your emotions be fully free has been so healthy. Plus, I’ve started to notice new patterns about how I react to certain things, or how certain things will affect me. The less than ten minutes a day of just calming focus is something I recommend to anyone looking to improve their mental health since the process is so customizable, yet, the result is undeniable.

Re-Organizing and Re-Decorating

You have to live and work in a space that inspires you! Clutter and messiness can feel draining sometimes, especially on already rough days, so it’s important to keep your space somewhat tidy. If you have a lot of decor that you don’t love, or not enough that makes you happy, don’t be afraid to make some changes! Once you have a space you love, it won’t be hard to find little things to make you smile everyday.

Taking a Break

Coming from a chronic overworker, it’s essentially to take a break sometimes. Even the best of us get burnt out! Sometimes, you just need a little time to do nothing. Sleeping in, binge watching a show, or a mindless TikTok scroll are some of the best remedies for too much work, and all ways for you to calm both your body and your mind.

Balancing Work & Entertainment

Having things to do is wonderful, but having things that are just for fun are sometimes the best recipes for happiness. I know that when I try to blend some work into my free time, it starts to bring that stress into the time that I’m supposed to be clearing my head. When I approach something (like my blog) with just enjoyment in mind, it feels so much more fulfilling! Trust me, it’s ok. Work can wait for a few hours.

Looking Beyond the Clouds

Sometimes there is a silver lining that’s easy to see, but sometimes, it’s not that easy to see. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, despite forgetting it myself in my darker moments. Even if nothing else, every experience can be a learning experience, which will better serve you for the future and allow you to keep growing and moving forward- what the journey of life is all about.

I may not be living a totally anxiety-free life, but I’ve found that changing the littlest things has opened the door to bigger improvements. When I’m stressed, turning on my string lights, reading a good book, or hugging my plushies helps to bring me back to sanity. Burning a candle while I’m working helps to create an aura where I feel relaxed before I even start. You might even be able to find your own new way to create a less stressful environment for yourself! The most important thing is to not overwhelm yourself with change. Take everything one step at a time and it will all fall into place.

Have a terrific day,

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