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It seems as though face masks are here to stay, so why not make them cute? I love wearing fun and colorful masks, especially with nods to some of my favorite characters and fandoms. I wear masks pretty much all day when I go over to school, so I have to make sure they’re comfy too! I also like to have a large rotation to make sure any mask I wear is clean. Today, I’ll be sharing four of my favorite shops for masks.


Dylan was the actually the first place I got reusable Disney masks from and they’re still some of my favorites! I’ve bought quite a few prints and the princess and Pooh bear prints are easily the cutest. The elastics are comfortable on the back of my ears and I rarely have issues with them falling down. Both the inner and outer layer have printed fabric but they’re also so breathable! To purchase, be sure to DM @dillydoesdisney on Instagram

Park Candy

Park Candy is the newest mask collection I’ve discovered, and I instantly fell in love. All of the designs are so perfectly nerdy and there are so many different fun designs. I personally ordered a Jurassic Park design and three Disney designs and I’ve obsessed over them since I got them. These are the only masks I own with a nose wire and adjustable ear loops, both of which are very convenient features. Three of the masks I ordered were in the children’s size, as I find a lot of masks to be a little big on my face. The kid’s size fits perfectly and the adult size is only a little too big for me (but still liveable). To order from Park Candy (and receive $5 off your order), you can click here!

Hella Cute Company

I got two Hella Cute Company masks for my birthday, both in Duffy & friends related prints. While they both are a little big for me, the size is easily fixed by tying small knots on the back of the ear loops. The prints themselves are adorable and the fit of the mask itself is quite comfortable. Many of their mask prints even match t-shirt and other apparel designs! I find myself reaching for them quite often, even when I’m not wearing my matching Duffy bear t-shirt. To order from Hella Cute Company, visit their Etsy page here.

Altar’d State

Altar’d State is one of my favorite apparel brands, so I knew I needed to try their masks! Like many of their apparel promotions, there was a promotion to buy 3 for a lower set price, so I ended up trying the neoprene and the more traditional styles of their masks. These are definitely the thickest masks I own, but they’re still so soft and comfortable. While they may not be as nerdy or pop-culture based, they’re still so pretty! Altar’d State sells masks in individual packs, multiple sets, and accessory sets- all of which are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can check them all out here.

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