My Travel Necessities

I absolutely love to travel, but it’s not always the easiest thing to be prepared for. Before every trip, there’s always a lot going on to make sure everything goes smoothly, but luckily, I pretty much have some set essentials I know I need to bring with me on every trip. Today, I’ll be sharing them!


My bag of choice is always a backpack, especially on vacation! My two favorites are from Kate Spade and Dooney & Bourke. They’re not too large, but they also aren’t mini-sized, which makes them perfect for traveling. I carry all the basic essentials you’d find in a regular bag in my backpack.


I usually need to snack throughout the day, and when I’m travelling, snacks become even more essential since you never know how traffic will affect meal times. I typically like “dry” snacks because they don’t make a big mess and are easy to eat in the car. My personal favorites are Goldfish crackers and pretzels, but Ritz and animal crackers are also pretty good. I’ll also throw a protein/snack bar in my backpack in case I need a quick snack as I’m walking around and doing things.

Entertainment & Comfy Items for the Journey

Long trips can get boring pretty easily, so that’s why I always bring multiple things to bring me busy. When I was still in high school and grade school, I would usually try to do homework, but I could never really do it for long because I would start to feel disoriented. Now, I usually download some Netflix movies and shows and have some YouTube videos ready to watch. I’ll also have some games, like Exploding Kittens and Game of Life, ready to go on my phone.

Sitting in the car for a long time can get uncomfortable extremely easily, so I try to bring items to help make it a bit easier. In the winter, I always bring a blanket. In the summer, I try to bring a small pillow or a sweatshirt I can fold up into a pillow, this way I have something comfortable for my back or to use as a pillow should I want to lay down on the seat.


If you couldn’t tell already, I love capturing the moment through pictures and videos, so a camera is an absolute must on vacation. I try to bring my digital camera for high quality pictures, and a polaroid camera for cute keepsakes.

Tote Bag

I tend to only pack my clothing in my suitcase, so I need a second bag to hold all my accessories, makeup, and other travel items! I usually use a tote or getaway-style bag to hold everything besides my clothing. I’ll usually use cosmetic style bags to organize all the different types of items, and I’ll usually store my jewelry in smaller bags that’ll go into a larger cosmetic bag.

Multiple Styles of Shoes

I never know what the weather and the occasion might call for, so I always bring multiple pairs of shoes. Typically, it’ll be a pair of super comfy shoes, a pair of sneaker, my sperrys for rainy days, and if it’s winter, a pair of booties.

Battery Charger

When I’m out and going on adventures, I usually use my phone a lot for pictures and other small things, but it can still take a toll on the battery, so I’m always sure to pack a battery charger so I can charge throughout the day! I love my rose gold mophe since it holds a charge really well and charges my phone quickly, but I’ve also bought smaller chargers from Five Below that do the job too.

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