Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Beauty Exclusive Picks

I’ve been hoping to get to a Nordstrom to explore the sale, but that unfortunately hasn’t happened (yet). Still, I haven’t stopped myself from shopping the sale online. Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite items that I’ve discovered!

Laura Mercier Set

I am absolutely obsessed with Laura Mercier face products! I’ve been using a bunch of her products for a while, and it’s actually helped my skin. This set includes all the necessities to prime and set your makeup, all in a size that’s perfect for both traveling and everyday.

Anastasia Brow Duo

When I saw my two favorite brow products in a sale set, I was so excited! I use both the brow pencil and gel nearly everyday. I 100% recommend both products, especially when they’re on sale!

MAC Nordy Girl Set

Back when MAC released their personality palettes, I grabbed the Prissy Princess palette as fast as I could. After seeing the Nordy Girl palette, I became obsessed with the colors for everyday looks. Not only are you getting a gorgeous palette, but you’re also getting an eyeliner and a mascara to create the perfect look!

Stila Good to Glow Set

I LOVE the Stila liquid glitters, even for everyday makeup. My first set was a little trio in gold, rose gold, and silver, which is very similar to this one. I love getting them in sets because the small size is super easy to apply on your eye, but you’re also getting three fun colors to play with!

Impressions Vanity Co. Mirror

My mirror at home is just like this, and I love it! The lighting helps to make even the worst lighting situations great, and the color is so cute to have stored on your table! After loving my mirror so much, I’d recommend any similar mirror to anyone who’s in the market for one.

Hourglass Trio Palette

Ok, I seriously love the Hourglass cheek colors. Who can’t love something that’s so pretty for both your actual makeup and sitting on your vanity? This palette has the perfect combination of colors for both a bronze and blush look. Did I mention one of the shades is a Nordstrom exclusive? Whether you’re an Hourglass fan, or wanting to try the products for the first time, this palette is so perfect.

Benefit Pretty Party Set

When I first started to get beyond ELF and drugstore makeup brands, Benefit was one of the first brands I tried. Today, I still love the pretty pink brand. The Hoola bronzer is one of my favorite products and it was the only bronzer I used for almost a year. I even used it when I was learning to contour! The Porefessional was a good primer and I did notice that it helped with my skin. I used a sample of the BadGal Bang mascara and automatically fell in love; the color and the curl were amazing! If I didn’t already have more than enough of all these products (so many free deluxe samples), I’d totally buy this set.

Other Favorites

While scrolling through the dozens of pages, I also took notice of the NARS and Winky Lux sets. I couldn’t pick just one to tag, though, because there were so many cute color combinations! I’ve been a huge fan of NARS products for a while, and I’ve recently been turned onto Winky Lux products. If I found any of these sets in store, it’s pretty much guaranteed that after some swatching I’d be getting at least one.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! I would love to do a Shop with Me during the Nordstrom sale, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to a store before the sale is over. Regardless, I have a bunch of post ideas that will be coming soon!

See you then,


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