Shop Spotlight: Hella Cute Company

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For my birthday, I was so happy to place an order from Hella Cute Company. I had originally discovered them on Instagram from their super cute designs. I had found out that they released a Duffy the Disney Bear & Friends collection, I knew I needed to place an order!

I ended up ordering a Duffy & Friends t-shirt, as well as a summer Duffy & Friends and a summer Duffy mask, and I am so obsessed with it all! The shirt is super soft and comfy, and the masks are perfect for a day at school. I’ve worn all three items multiple times in the past week, and I’m probably going to have to place another order with Hella Cute Company soon!

I was so happy to discover such cute Duffy & Friends merch here in the states! Since Duffy left the parks a few years ago, it’s been so hard to find cute items with my favorite characters. The two masks and the shirt are not only super cute, but also so comfy. The three items are all a part of a larger Duffy & Friends collection, and all of the designs are just too cute!

Until I get to Tokyo DisneySea to meet my favorite fluffy friends, I’ll definitely be dreaming of the American Waterfront with my new Hella Cute Items. To shop Hella Cute Company, you can visit their websitetheir Etsy, or their Instagram.

See ya real soon,

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