Spring in Bloom at Holland Ridge Farm

It’s so exciting that spring is finally here! To celebrate, I decided to take a trip to spend the afternoon at a tulip farm! Holland Ridge Farm in Cream Ridge, New Jersey is about an hour and a half from me and is advertised as a “little Holland” with acres of colorful tulips. With a work-free Saturday, I decided to book some tickets and take a ride out with Caleb and my mom to get some pictures and enjoy the spring blooms.

The traffic getting off at the exit was absolutely insane- it took about an hour to go less than two miles. Once we actually got to the farm though, it was really enjoyable. There were all different colors and varieties of tulips and it was so fun to walk around and explore! The fields were a bit more crowded than I expected, but everyone was socially distanced and stayed with their own groups. It was especially nice to be able to take maskless pictures when your group was far enough away from everyone else. 

Tulip bloom season is extremely short, but if you have the chance, you should definitely visit a field! The flowers are gorgeous and make for incredible pictures. If you’re not super into media production, it’s just a pretty place to walk around and enjoy the afternoon. If you’re in the New Jersey area and want to visit Holland Ridge Farm, be sure to get there early! Even though the tickets are limited, there are still a lot of people that can be held on the farm.

I’m so excited to see even more flowers and trees in bloom and to see how beautiful spring turns out to be this year! I love the warm weather and the colorful flowers and am eager to enjoy the fresh air even more.


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