The Art of Storytelling

When I was younger, performing was my ultimate dream. I was absolutely entranced with every show I saw; live theater just seemed so magical. I loved dancing so much that I decided I wanted to be a professional ballerina, so I could dance in all the classical ballets I loved watching and tell the same stories that gave me so much life.

While dance still holds an important place in my life, I have chosen to pursue it outside of school and attend college for communications and media studies. I love the idea of being able to portray ideas, tales, and special moments to the world. Right now, I’m telling my own story through my blog and social media, but I dream of being able to do far greater in my future career.

I’ve also always loved Disney and Universal. I always believed they were master storytellers, though that wasn’t always the exact term I had used to describe them. I knew all the stories I loved by heart, I had even memorized the songs (and I can still sing them all). It was amazing to me, not only the movies and shows I would watch, but then being able to see it all come to life in their theme parks and truly live in revel in all the glory of it.

As much as I loved the rides and animals and unique experiences I could find at theme parks, the shows had always been my favorite. Although I’ve come to love many of the shows I’ve seen, one stands out in particular to me at this moment. It’s been closed for several years, but Katonga: Tales of the Jungle at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay told the story of four storytellers who wished to receive the title of Master Storyteller. The current master had them each tell their own stories, and in the end, were all awarded the higher title once they had all learned what true storytelling was all about. As cheesy as it may sound, it was a beautiful show, and once it sprung into my mind recently, it helped everything come together for me.

I am not meant to be simply a dancer or just in communications, I truly believe I am destined to be a storyteller, in any capacity I see fit. Back in high school, I had questioned my talent in history and social studies, but looking back, I see now that history is story, and I used other methods of storytelling to enhance my comprehension and getter a deeper understanding quicker than some of my more mathematically and routine-inclined classmates. Looking ahead, I plan on portraying many more stories through both the performing arts and through media and content, and I can only hope that you’ll enjoy my works as much as I enjoyed the tales that have come before me.

Dream on,

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