Ulta Semi-Annual Beauty Event Week 2 Picks

I’m back with more recommendations for the second week of Ulta’s new Semi-Annual Beauty Sale! So far, I have been loving this event more than 21 Days of Beauty (its predecessor). I’ve been able to rebuy some favorites and finally try some long-awaited wishlist items, so let’s get into this week’s favorites!

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Heat Protectant Creme

My hair gets lots of little flyways pretty easily, so when my hair stylist used this on my hair for the first time and it perfectly smoothed out my hair, I knew I needed to own it. I use it every time I wash or style my hair right before I use my hair dryer and it does such a great job of keeping my hair smooth, healthy, and mostly frizz-free with using heat products. Plus, as expected with Briogeo products, it has a great ingredients list and smells amazing!

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

I switched to using the Kitsch satin pillowcases last year and haven’t turned back. It seems like such a minor change, but using a satin pillowcase has actually really helped my skin and hair health and quickly made a noticeable difference! At this point, I actually have a few different patterns of the same pillowcase that I rotate between so I can wash them more regularly. 

Beekman 1802 Milk Shake Toner Mist

I have been a fan of goat milk products for years since it has great benefits for sensitive and acne-prone skin. I’ve mostly used products from a small, local farm near Gatlinburg that I discovered while traveling, but have previously tried a couple of things from Beekman when it was a much smaller line (and mostly stopped purchasing since I opted for products that were more easily accessible at the time). I’ve been in the market for a new toner, and wanted a toner mist as opposed to a heavier liquid product. By total coincidence, this one ended up at the top of my to-try list just last week, so imagine my delight when I saw it was on sale so I could try it for 50% off!

Patchology Eye Gels

Patchology is pretty much the only eye mask brand I use: the gels are super relaxing and make a considerable difference in a short period of time. While I usually use the classic patches, I have also tried and loved the rose variation. I personally didn’t notice a major difference between the two in terms of results, but the rose ones definitely felt a bit fancier (it was 100% in my own brain). If you use them regularly, the 25 pack that comes in the jar is incredibly convenient and a great deal!

Cosrx Master Patch Set

I’m not going to lie; I haven’t bought these in a few years since I typically use the Hero Cosmetics ones. There was nothing wrong with them, I just liked the Hero ones slightly better and the Cosrx version was also slightly more expensive. However, for this deal, I might just have to pick up two boxes. As an acne-prone skin girly, I go through pimple patches quite quickly and these were effective in helping clear my skin without leaving any sticky residue behind!

While these are my favorites from the week ahead preview, I have noticed that some bonus products were added to the lineup on most of the days last week. So, if you’re looking for a beauty steal you haven’t found yet, don’t be afraid to check the Ulta app or website! If you want to shop my picks and more, you can check them out on my LTK profile. Oh, and be sure to let me know what you got from last week, and what you’re hoping to snag this week!

Have a terrific day!

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