What’s Inside my Travel Backpack

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Now that the Florida parks are *almost* entirely reopened, I’ve been getting some serious wanderlust. Traveling has always been a big part of my summer vacations, and having to experience adventure from home has certainly been an adjustment for me. As I’ve been prepping for smaller adventures, I decided to share exactly what goes into my magical little backpack.

I always travel with a mini backpack- it’s usually either this light pink Loungefly I bought from BoxLunch Gifts or a purple Dooney & Bourke I got at the outlet with my student discount. I don’t want to carry too large of a bag or else I know I’ll make it too heavy for a full day of adventuring.

The first thing I always put into my backpack are my health and beauty products, since I know I’ll need them regardless of the day’s adventures: my sunscreen, my lipstick of the day, my hand sanitizer (especially now during COVID), and recyclable napkins I use as blotting papers (typically from Starbucks). I’ll also throw in my comb or a travel-sized hairbrush with extra hair ties to make sure my hair will stay neat and in-place all day. 

Next up are my sunglasses- I rarely go for an adventure without my sunglasses. My current favorites have a reflective orange lens and an orange bird side print from Magic Made Co. , but when I’m not wearing my magically-inspired ones, I can usually be found wearing rose gold or reflective frames from Quay Australia.

My rose gold battery charger from Mophie is an everyday essential for me, even when I’m just having a regular day at school. It holds its charge quite well, and gives my phone an additional 1-2 charges, which is perfect for when I’m having an active and busy day. Plus, it’s quite small, so it’s easy to fit into a backpack that isn’t huge!

My camera is almost always an essential if I’m going on any kind of adventure. I currently have a Nikon d5600 and I absolutely love it. I’ve been able to take such high-quality images, and especially now that I’ve mastered a lot of basic and intermediate techniques from my intro to digital photography class, I’ve been able to take nearly professional-looking pictures (most of my blog images are taken on my camera and edited in Lightroom). 

Finally, if I know I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and I’ll need a variety of accessories, my Jewelry Collection Bag from Fintastic Configuration will always make it to my backpack. It has so many pockets and compartments to keep my jewelry and accessories safe, and it’s so cute too- just look at the adorable mermaid-inspired design! 

Until I’ll be able to travel again, especially to the parks, I’ll certainly be imagining my next adventures, and I know my backpack will be ready to go when it’s time!

See ya real soon,

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