Best Photo Spots at Universal Studios Orlando

Not too long ago, we took a little trip around Universal Resort’s Islands of Adventure to discover the best photo spots. Today, we’re heading right next door to explore Universal Studios. The big sister park to IOA is known for its classic soundstages and areas themed to iconic sets and cities. These immersive elements truly make you feel like you’ve walked into the movie and they make for some pretty incredible photos.

New York Area

As a New Yorker, the Universal version is definitely something to check out. Inspired by classic New York, all of the facades in this area make for such gorgeous pictures. My favorite area is a hidden little alley across from Revenge of the Mummy since there’s rarely anyone else around but so many places for good pictures. So many of my pictures from the alley don’t even look like they’re from a theme park, especially when you get creative with the angles and the focusing. 

Diagon Alley London Waterfront

The London facade of Diagon Alley is one of the best places to get pictures. On one side, you have King’s Cross Station and iconic London architecture. On the other, you have a gorgeous waterfront with a fountain and the Knight Bus. The area is huge to explore with so many nooks and crannies and tiny details that can make for some really unique images. If you’re lucky, there might even be a few team members around to help create some extra magic.

Carkitt Market, Diagon Alley

If you want to get unique Harry Potter-inspired pictures, Carkitt Market is the place to go. It’s a wider walkway that the main part of Diagon Alley which makes it a lot easier to get pictures with not a lot of people in the background. It’s also filled with a lot of color and magical little hidden details. Plus, the canopy covering the area helps to get great pictures in any weather, no wand or potion required.

Lard Lad Donuts, Springfield USA

I can go on and on about how good the Big Pink donuts are and how the donuts themselves are photogenic, but the whole area surrounding the Lard Lad donut stand is perfect for fun and colorful pictures. On one side, you have the massive Lard Lad himself, holding up a proportionally accurate big pink donut. On the other, you have a Springfield police officer who just crashed into a fire hydrant but doesn’t seem to be too concerned. And when you’re done with you photos, you can stop for a snack break!

Central Park

The most stunning views at UO are most certainly in Central Park, found between the Kids Zone area and Hollywood Boulevard. Especially at sunset, you can get some incredible views of the entire park skyline. For unique shots, try wide lenses or panoramas to get the entire view. I believe this area is currently a rest area, but even after the pandemic, it’s the best place to relax and get some stunning shots.

Gardens of Allah Villas

If you’re looking to get some classic LA and Hollywood-inspired images in a quiet corner of the park, you have to head over to the area next to the NBC Media Center, near Hollywood Boulevard and Transformers. I’ve never seen anyone else in this area, and I always get gorgeous pictures with the beautiful tiling and fountain. 

I always look forward to wandering around Universal Studios and getting some truly unique images from all corners of the park. I’d love to see your best UO photos, even if they’re not from these locations, so be sure to share them with me on Instagram and Pinterest (@pinkdaysblog)!

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