Bringing the Disney Magic Home

The Disney parks have been closed for just about four months now, and it’s easy to feel like the magic is gone, especially for those who live close to the parks and are used to going frequently. Since I live far away from the parks, I’m used to needing a little extra magic at home. My room is filled with collectibles and decor that make it feel like the definition of everyday magic. I’ve recently redid a lot of my room’s decor thanks to all the extra time I’ve had in quarantine, which makes now the perfect time to share how to bring Disney magic alive at home.

Pin & Polaroid Board

This was one of my first projects once quarantine started! I have been a pin collector pretty much all my life, and I’ve always loved the aesthetic of polaroid pictures. My dad had an old “cork” board from Ikea that he had never used, which he gave to me and mounted on my wall for me to decorate. All of the pins that create a border around the board are collectibles (and some of my favorites), and all of the polaroids are held up by various series pins (they’re slid in between the surface part, none of the images were punctured!). It’s perfect because it’s so easy to swap out images when I make new memories, and reorganize pins when I get new ones. This is easily my new favorite part of my room, and I’m honestly considering trying to get a second board for even more pins and pictures!

Park Map Collage Poster

I had originally come up with this idea during my fall semester, and worked on it during my winter break after I had visited Orlando for the holidays (and was able to pick up some extra park maps and guides). The frame originally had a ballet poster in it, and while I still dance, I wanted to have more decor in my room that reflected the point in my life I am at now. I had to buy (and cut down), a piece of poster board to act as the base, and then cut up a bunch of park maps and guides to create a super magical collage that showed off some of my favorite parts of the parks. Once I finished the collage itself, I added some of my favorite polaroids on top from my many adventures. These polaroids are secured with double-sided roll-on tape I got from Staples, and while it leaves a little residue, it is also quite easy to swap out images. This poster sits in the middle of my Four Parks, One World lithograph set, which makes it all the more magical.

Four Parks, One World Lithograph Set

This set is what you might consider one of the best finds ever at the Disney Character Premier outlet (the one at the end of I-Drive and near Universal Orlando before the renovation and downsize). My family had always found good items at the outlets, but my dad had come across a lithograph set commemorating Walt Disney World and the four main parks. Not only were they super pretty, they were also dirt cheap so we ended up buying a few sets. On the same trip, we had a reservation at Chef Mickey’s, so we brought two of the sets to be signed by Mickey and Minnie Mouse (they weren’t originally signed). After our meal at Chef Mickey’s, we went to the Magic Kingdom for a little bit, where we got Tinker Bell and Terrence to sign the Magic Kingdom poster, as Tinker Bell appeared on the MK one above the castle.  Right after we got home from the trip, we made a trip to the store and got some simple frames, and put them up on my wall. I love that each of the lithographs shows some of the most iconic parts of each of the parts since it really helps to remind me all of of my happy and magical moments within the parks.

Tsum Tsum Tower

Besides the lithographs, another great outlet find was the under $1 Tsum Tsums. That, paired with my holiday Tsum Tsum advent calendar, and the regular specialty Tsums I bought in bundles and off eBay, gave me quite the collection. They’re adorable, squishy, fun little stress relievers, and perfect for reminding me of all of the magical moments of Disney lore. I have one large stack on my shelf and a smaller stack on top of one of my dressers, and they always bring so much joy to my day.


I absolutely love unique artwork, especially when it’s Disney-inspired. Postcards are so perfect since they tend to be less expensive than full prints, and they’re easier to put up too! I have a set of nine from the Disney Springs Trail of Trees (I’m obsessed with all of the artwork on the posters so having the mini sizes is so perfect for me, especially the “Have You Seen this Dinosaur?” art), as well as two individual ones from the art area in the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs (I unfortunately do not remember the name of the artist). I have the two individual postcards in frames next to my other posters, and I’m waiting for the craft stores to reopen so I can find little adhesive squares to hang up all the holiday pack postcards.

Other Little Magical Touches

While I’ve shared all the main pieces that bring the Disney magic alive at home for me, I do have a few other little touches that help to enhance the feeling. I have a small poster of pin artwork featuring the Disney princesses, I’ve added Disney-inspired stickers to my main storage bin in my room, and I have my favorite necklaces hanging on my wall, most of which are Disney related. I do have some small collectibles on my collectible shelf as well. 

Being able to bring the Disney magic alive at home is so perfect when you can’t get to the parks easily or frequently. All of my decor helps to create a happy and memory-filled space, and it definitely helps to inspire my small magical touches in my style!

See ya real soon,

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