Broadway’s Newest Comedy Has The Juice (And I Can’t Imagine a More Beautiful Thing)

“Shucked” at first glance is unexpected. It’s a completely original concept with a new score by Broadway newcomers and its marketing is all corn themed. It’s rather jarring, especially since the show’s plot has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced. It begs questions like “is it really about corn?” and with that, potential concerns on whether the corniness was taken too far. I was able to snag tickets to the first preview and I can confidently say the show is ah-maize-ing and will certainly be planting deep roots at the Nederlander Theatre.

Book writer Robert Horn described the show as a mix of “Book of Mormon” and “Oklahoma” – a perfect introduction to the show’s premise. The show is set in Cob County, a fictional farm town that is self-sufficient and isolated from the rest of the world. When the corn they rely on suddenly dies, Maizy (Caroline Innerbichler) sets out to Tampa to find a corn doctor – Gordy (John Behlmann) – who ends up being a con man. She brings him back home to help fix the problem and from there, we see relationship and family drama take center stage along with plenty of shenanigans. Peanut (Kevin Cahoon) delivers sage (and hysterical) wisdom, while Lulu (Alex Newell) brings a powerhouse performance that rightfully earned a standing ovation. Beau (Andrew Durand) also quickly became an audience favorite with his wit, while the Storytellers (Ashley D. Kelley and Grey Henson) bring a skit-like phenomenon to the plot. The story is admittedly silly, but it delivers a fun, feel-good experience with lessons anyone could relate to.

The highlights of the show were the non-stop jokes and the country-based original songs. The one-liners are practically non-stop; I actually missed some of the jokes because everyone, myself included, was laughing so loudly. There were absolutely some points when my face and stomach hurt, and the individual sitting a few seats over from me spent a good portion of the show hunched over they were laughing so hard. The songs, while some are comedic, are full of heart and are, in my opinion, the soul and spirit of the show. Written by Grammy-award-winning artists, Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, the country-based songs and score are refreshingly new and exciting for a Broadway stage. 

In addition to a great show, Shucked delivers a full experience. From the moment you step into the Nederlander Theatre, guests immediately feel welcomed into the stunning barn and the world of Cob County. The merchandise stand is themed to a general store and all of the merchandise for sale is wonderfully on-brand for the show (and surprisingly great in a world of mostly ok show souvenirs). The bar has drinks themed to the show, as well as a corn whiskey special inspired by Lulu’s brew. 

First previews always have electric energy, but Shucked had something extra special. The marketing and PR teams had buttons, temporary tattoos, and Pipcorn sample bags – plus a whole wrapped truck – and everyone wanted to make sure the audience was as excited as possible for the public premiere of the show. After the show, I ran into some people I knew and was able to meet a lot of the cast and creative team (all of which were so lovely), plus some popular internet personalities, like Disney Dan, Katharine Quinn, and Bryan the Business Analyst. It was truly one of the most memorable nights I’ve ever had on Broadway.

Shucked will be growing a long stalk as it (hopefully) has a long and happy run. To learn more about Shucked, visit

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