A First Semester Freshman’s Back to School Supplies

Hi friends! As many of you know, I about to start my first semester at college, and I am so excited! Back in high school, I used to carry a pretty large backpack full of so many supplies, most of which I never used (I’m looking at you, index cards, colored pencils, etc.). I know college is a lot more relaxed, and teachers won’t be telling you exactly which brand and size of binder and notebook you need, and you really don’t need to bring all that much to class. Of course, you certainly need to bring whatever textbooks your professor asks you to, but everything else is simply what works best for you. Today, I’ll be sharing all of my school supplies.

First up is my bag, a Vera Bradley Disney backpack. I believe the print name is Mickey’s Celebration, but I don’t remember for sure. I love the print so much, and think the little Mickeys, Minnies, and castles are the perfect magical touch for college. I’ve been using the Iconic Campus style for years and absolutely love it since it’s the perfect size for everything I need, and has the perfect size and number of pockets for me to be able to organize everything perfectly. It’s also not too heavy to carry with everything in it!

One of the biggest essentials for me is my laptop. I got a MacBook Pro 13″ in recent months (on sale thankfully), and it’s where most of my school work will take place. I bought the pink case on Amazon to keep it protected, and a rose gold keyboard cover to protect my keyboard. I also have stickers from Redbubble, 2313 Glitter Ave., Pura Vida Bracelets, and Crafted by Melissa to help personalize my case. For further protection, I carry my laptop in a Lilly Pulitzer cover case.

While I use my laptop, I’ve also started to use blue light glasses (mine are from Quay Australia). I’ve found that they prevent headaches and eye strain from staring at a screen for long periods of time. I used to use the case that came with the glasses, but recently upgraded to this flamingo-printed case I found at a Vera Bradley outlet while on vacation. I also carry my laptop charger in my bag with me in case I need to charge up after using it in class.

Aside my my laptop, I also carry this Staples Accel 5-subject notebook, decorated with vinyl stickers I made with my Cricut Explore Air 2. I know not everything in school will be on my laptop, but having a traditional paper notebook, with folders included in the dividers, ensures that I’ll be prepared for everything my professors might want.

I’ve always liked having a planner to keep organized for school and life. I had used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda all throughout high school, but since college is so different, I thought about getting something else. I ended up using my Lilly Pulitzer planner from last year in Aquadesiac (since it’s good until December), and take it from there.

Finally, I have a small Lilly Pulitzer case filled with my pencils and pens. This specific one was a part of this year’s agenda bonus pack, and I absolutely love all the flamingos in the print! The bonus pack came with some cute little school supply extras that I’m sure will come to good use. I finished filling it with some basic pens and pencils for classes.

I also have some small personal items, like cheap headphones and bandaids, in a small Kate Spade cosmetic bag, and a larger cosmetic bag for my phone. I also have a Disney Vera Bradley lanyard and ID holder to hold my school ID, which I need for building access and some food access.

As of now, this is everything I have to start off for college! I always love decorating my school supplies and using fun stationary, so this was such a fun post for me to make!

See ya real soon,

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