Capturing Every Moment

Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m talking about all about photography, which is a major portion of both my life and my blog. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and for me, it’s worth so much more. Pictures are snapshots of time that can evoke almost any feeling and bring back precious memories whenever you look at them. I love looking at old pictures and remembering some great times. As I got older, I began to love taking photos, even of just little things, because it brought me so much joy. Here’s a quick overview of how I take and edit my pictures:

What I Use

I use my iPhone to take pictures most of the time, but I also have a Fujifilm Instax Polaroid camera and a Nikon digital camera. My phone is the easiest because I always have it with me, and I have a bunch of editing apps so I can do whatever I want with it as soon as I take it. I seriously love my Polaroid camera. I’ve had it for a few months now, and it takes the cutest pictures, especially when I’m with friends! I’ve had my digital camera for quite a few years, and it’s really nice for taking high-quality pictures just about anywhere. It takes a little longer to get the pictures ready to post because I have to get them off my camera and onto a computer, but the quality of pictures is amazing.

How I Edit

Right now, I’ve been using the free mobile version of Lightroom to edit most of my photos. I use it primarily to adjust lighting and make certain colors pop, and I have been getting better with it. I have also used VSCO to edit photos. I think VSCO is great for all level of photography, especially beginners. The app has a ton of presets for one-click editing, but even the more advanced settings (non-presets) are fairly easy to grasp. I still use VSCO a lot for my pictures, but I’m starting to to use Lightroom more. I recently downloaded Snapseed to edit photos. I haven’t used it that much, but it seems like a pretty good app. I just got the HUJI camera app, and even though you can’t edit pictures with it, the pictures it takes come out really cool. I usually don’t edit my photos too much right now, but maybe as I get better, I’ll do a lot more with the lighting and colors of my pictures.

Photography is one of the reasons that I started my blog and it is definitely something that I want to improve on and do more with. I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing all of my pictures!

Lots of Love,


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