Living in this Moment

“Reach out and find your happily ever after”

Happily Ever After, Magic Kingdom

I’m graduating from high school in 4 months. Let me be honest, it’s terrifying. I’m still trying to get everything together for college, and I’m still lost on where I want to attend. Not to mention all the work I still have to do for high school- my AP and college classes, NHS work, and graduation tasks. It’s a lot, and it’s overwhelming at times. But it’s made me remember that I only have four months left of high school. Only four months left with the friends I’ve grown up with, to soak up every last minute of the high school experience.

Looking back, I missed a lot. I was so absorbed in my dance world that I lost out on a bunch of pep rallies and school dances. I also had to miss a lot of birthdays and special events. Now, I’m really regretting not spending as much time with my friends and just acting like a regular teenager. Obviously, I still love dance, and I was able to make it to a number of personal events. However, I see now that the environment and mindset I was in at the time wasn’t the healthiest for me. When you’re in an environment that isn’t the greatest, you often don’t realize it until you leave it.

With only four months left, I want to make the most of every second with my friends. Every laugh, every Snapchat, every crazy story is a moment I want to be present for. I still have other commitments, but I don’t want to feel like my friends can never come first. It’ll take some excellent scheduling, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I want to have the best second semester a senior can possibly have, and the only way to do that is to start living in the moment and realizing that you can’t go back and change a day- every single day is a new chance to do something great and there’s only one of each.

In six months, I’ll be in college, and I want to carry that philosophy through my days. Everything I missed in high school, I don’t want to miss in college. Yes, classes and academics are important, but I’ll push to make sure I can go to as many birthday dinners and weekend getaways as I possibly can. Everyone tells me that time flies in college, and I don’t want to look back and have a million “I should’ve done this or that” thoughts as I’m getting ready to finish my degree. I’m already starting to think of some of the experiences I want to try, and programs I want to try for. The best things in life come from just reaching out and being unafraid of trying something new.

I may feel like I have missed a lot, but I’m ready to start fresh and live in this moment, and every moment ahead. I decided to share this post because I know someone else out there could definitely use this advice. Never be afraid to just experience all that life has to offer, take risks, or just have fun. Many times, when you take the safe route, you end up with a lot of regrets, and you can never go back and change history. We may have a limited time to live life, but there are countless choices and opportunities to find pure joy and make amazing memories.

To sum up this post in four words: Go. Live your dream.

See ya real soon,

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