Celebrate in Lilly: White Dress Edition

I’m graduating soon! I’m so excited to be graduating, and as valedictorian, but there was a big thing I needed to start thinking about soon- the dress. My school has us buy our cap and gowns, and they’re super cheap (in terms of both price and quality). My gown will be white, and it’s pretty thin, so I definitely need a white dress for graduation. I’ve been looking at Lilly white dresses for years, so I knew that was the first place I should look.

Allyson Lace Dress, $278
Kayla Stretch Dress (my second choice), $198
Reeve Shift Dress, $298
Liz Dress, $228
Pearl Romer, $178
Showing the short of the Pearl Romper, $178
Jan Two Piece Skirt Set, $228
Pearl Stretch Shift Dress, $198

I pretty much tried on every white dress the store had, and, I actually found the one that day! I decided to get the Pearl Romper. Since my graduation is at the end of June, and the stage we sit on is always hot, I felt that the Pearl Romper was the most comfortable and breathable for the weather. It is easily dressed up, but it is also an item I can reuse over the summer with a pair of Palm Beach Sandals!

I absolutely love my graduation dress, and I hope you found this mini-lookbook helpful if you’re searching for the perfect white dress!

See ya real soon,

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