Getting into the Christmas Spirit – Holiday Playlist and Watchlist

Christmas is just next week, and I can’t believe the holiday season is finally here in full swing! Now that I’m done with college until February, I am going to be spending the next two weeks in a festive mood. With all the extra time I now have, my holiday playlist and watchlist are definitely going to help me from fighting the boredom that comes with an extended winter break and bring the Christmas spirit to life.

Holiday Playlists

I have been listening to Spotify non-stop this year and I totally started playing my Christmas playlists well before the holiday season arrived (Christmas music is just too good to resist!). I usually only use my main holiday playlist, but this year I found some new ones that I’ve thrown into the rotation. All of the playlists I’ve shared here can be found on Spotify.

My Go-To 30 Hour Playlist

I’ve been working on this playlist for over three years now, and I finally got it to be 30 hours long. Yes, it is more than one full day when played straight through. It’s honestly a random assortment on pretty much any Christmas songs I could find or knew of and I always add the new ones I discover. If you’re looking for a long and varied holiday playlist, this is definitely a good place to start.

very merry emily by Emily Nelson

Emily Enchanted has always been one of my favorite Disney YouTubers and I’m so glad I discovered her Spotify since she always has such amazing playlists. This one is my personal favorite of her holiday ones since I just love the upbeat and happy vibe.

altar’d state christmas by Bill Hughes

Altar’d State is one of my favorite stores and their holiday display is always so magical. When I’m looking for a more chill and laid back Christmas playlist that gives me the same happy feeling as walking around the store at the holidays, I’ll throw this playlist on.

Urban Outfitters Holiday

Urban Outfitters is also quickly growing to become one of my favorite stores. I absolutely love listening to store’s official playlists on Spotify to mix things up and hear new things. This playlist is a great compilation of all the holiday favorites and classics.

Disney Christmas by Spotify

Of course a Disney Christmas playlist had to make it to the list! While it may be missing some of the fun renditions like the Lost Bros’ “Let it Snoap,” this playlist perfectly blends Disney magic with the holiday spirit.

Holiday Watchlist

There’s nothing better than watching Christmas movies and TV shows! Of course I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube vlogs and TikToks that are festive inspired, but nothing beats the cozy feeling of watching holiday movies.

The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration

I’ve always loved the Disney holiday specials, and I’m so glad that they’re all available on Disney+ this year! This one has been sitting in my watchlist since the day it came out, and I’m hoping to be able to watch it this week!

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas is one of my all-time favorite holiday movies! I’ve loved watching it since I was a little kid, so obviously it had to make it to the watch list.


I haven’t seen this new Disney+ holiday special, but I’ve heard such good things about it! It’s definitely towards the top of my watchlist, and I can’t wait to see what holiday magic is in store!

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