Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, the amount of time left to get gifts is getting shorter and shorter. Whether you procrastinated, or you’re really stuck on finding the perfect gift, I’ve complied a quick list of presents that are good for almost anyone and can arrive on short notice.

Beauty Boxes: Customizable, each to gift, can be ordered even on Christmas day. If you’re really stuck for a gift at the last minute, a beauty box subscription may work well for you. There are several options available, ranging from preset boxes, all the way up to fully customizable boxes. I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel (Terrifically Toni) comparing the three beauty boxes I’ve had experiences with.

Sugarfina Candy Bento Box: With easy shipping and tons of options, a candy bento box from Sugarfina is a great last-minute gift. Fill it with holiday flavors or original favorites! Plus, you can even pick the box out! Sugarfina also has the CandyDrop option, which lets you send the gift to anywhere in the country.

Edible Arrangements: Keeping with the idea of gifting food, Edible Arrangements can also be bought and delivered last-minute, and make for a delicious gift. All you have to do is select the variety of treats and designs you want, and tell them where to ship it to.

E-Gift Cards: Although they may not be the most creative gift, a gift card will let the recipient run wild, and keep you from going crazy at the last minute. E-Gift cards can even be bought on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning! Nearly every store has the option to purchase an e-gift card on their website, but you can search up offerings from the button listed below if you’re not sure what to get.

I hope this list helped to solve your scramble for a last minute gift! Whether you really don’t know what to get someone, or you have no time to get anything else, this list has a few easy and quick ideas for presents!

Happy Gifting!


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