Holiday Treats at Busch Gardens Christmas Town

The holiday season is finally here in full swing! For my Thanksgiving Break, my family took a road trip down to Williamsburg, VA to visit Busch Gardens Christmas Town for two days. I’ll be sharing more about this year’s offerings and my experience in a later post, but today, I’ll be talking about one of my all time favorite things – holiday treats! Unfortunately, this year’s dining options were limited due to short staffing as a result of the pandemic, but I was still able to find some merry and delightful treats around the park. The three main holiday treats I will be sharing today are all found at the main bakery located in the England section of the park, right across from the Globe Theatre and the replication of Big Ben.

Holiday Sugar Cookie

It’s been almost a week since I’ve first had one and I still cannot stop thinking about how yummy this cookie was! The sugar cookie base was probably one of the best cookies I’ve ever had (even better than the Dollywood ones that are so classic and I get every trip!). While the icing was quite yummy, I could definitely eat the cookie plain and still be just as happy. These cookies did go fast, though – I went back to the bakery a couple hours after getting the first one and they were all sold out for the day. I will certainly be looking for these once I return during the main season!

Chocolate Covered Oreos

I had originally ordered two of these since Oreos are smaller, and I ended up eating one right after I got it, and then saved one for a snack for later. While these were super yummy, I did prefer the sugar cookie to the dipped Oreos. The two I got were dipped in white chocolate, but they did also have traditional milk chocolate ones available!

Festive Donuts

While this one was technically my dad’s snack, I did try a bite of it and enjoyed it! While there were a ton of different variations available, my dad opted for his favorite – a classic traditional base with chocolate frosting and red sprinkles. The frosting did have a little bit of a minty taste to it, which was a nice touch for the holiday season. I did enjoy it, but let my dad finish his donut without bugging him to eat more.

Other Snacks

If you’re looking for snacks beyond the England bakery, there are still a bunch of options around the park! While walking around the Ireland section of the park and looking for a more savory snack, I picked up a warm pretzel from Grogan’s Pub. It was so hot when I first got it, but perfectly fluffy and salty with every bite. I remember always loving the pretzels during the main season, so I was happy to have one again when I needed a savory snack!

Later in the night, my family was able to enter the Festhaus with no line (it was during a couple hour lull between “Up on the Haustop” shows) and get food without a long wait. I’m honestly not a fan of flatbread pizza, and I don’t like a lot of the other platter offerings in the Festhaus, so I opted to get a tray of mozzarella sticks and a plate of petit fours. I’ve had both regularly throughout the year at Busch Gardens, but was surprised to see the petit fours in the Festhaus since they’re typically found in one of the park’s bakeries (and not the main food service locations). While the two together were definitely not a full meal, they were definitely a happy snack.

If you’ve been to Christmas Town this season, or plan to, let me know what some of your favorite holiday treats are in the comments below!

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