The SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park

If you’re looking for a magical experience where you can experience some child-like delight right in New York City, visiting the SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park is an absolute must. With gorgeous colors and happy music filling the entire enclosure, it’s safe to say that this ride will enchant anyone.

The location itself is quite convenient. Just a few steps away from the Bowling Green subway station, the carousel is within walking distance of the Staten Island Ferry, the lookout and departure dock for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and dozens of historical monuments. If you’re looking to visit a bunch of New York City destinations in a day, it’s also quite close to Wall Street’s famous Bull Statue and the Freedom Tower! 

The SeaGlass Carousel itself is housed inside an enclosed building, with glass walls and lighting fixtures from the ceiling. Each of the fish are a different pastel color, some being on “circles” indicating that it will turn on the platform while the carousel goes around. 

Once the ride starts, the room fills with vibrant music, the lighting in and around the fish start changing colors, and the whole atmosphere comes to life as if it were a dance. I went alone, but still had an absolutely magical time!

Tickets to ride are only $5 per person – a great deal for a great experience! Have you ever been on the SeaGlass carousel?

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