KPOP Broadway Recap + Review

What is KPOP on Broadway about?

KPOP follows the story of fictional K-pop musical talents MwE, Rtmis, and F8 as they prepare for their upcoming American concert debut, and the behind-the-scenes process is being filmed for documentary release. While all of the groups are owned and managed by RBY Entertainment (named after its leader, Ruby), their storylines are kept mostly separate until the finale of the show. MwE’s story reveals the life of a child star and the emotional toll the lifestyle of a K-pop star can take on an individual, as well as the lack of a work-life balance. F8’s story discusses the concepts of ethnic identities, inclusion, and what it means to be a part (or excluded from) an ethnic community. Rtmis has the least developed story of the three, but their story addresses the notions of perfection for a performer/public figure and how that can manifest physically and emotionally. Outside of these three stories, we also see the documentary director and his cameraperson as the outsiders who help to take us into the world of RBY Entertainment while the director attempts to bolster his own reputation.

My thoughts on the show

This show is a lot of fun and very different than pretty much any musical I’ve seen before. It feels like a good blend of what I imagine a K-pop concert to be like, and the storytelling that Broadway is known for. The use of modern media (something the genre is famous for) was also incredibly clever and blended well with what was happening live. KPOP is also a huge victory for representation on Broadway with a majority AAPI cast and 18 Broadway debuts! While it is a Broadway show, the experience is incredibly authentic to the original genre and several of the cast members, including the lead, are actual K-pop stars. It was so unique, and the entire cast, crew, and creative team deserve to see this show get some well-earned love and recognition for their incredible work.

Who is this show for?

If you love concerts, KPOP music and culture, great dancing, colorful costumes, and bright, high-energy shows, you’ll have a good time at KPOP. Even if you aren’t familiar with South Korean culture, or the music style that shares the same name, the show’s energy is infectious and is just outright a good time. If you truly dislike pop and K-pop music, though, this show probably won’t be for you since so much of the it revolves around the musical performances. If you’re newer to Broadway, the explosive energy, media familiarity, and concert feeling will feel very welcoming. This show is so much fun for such a broad audience!

How to get tickets

Tickets for KPOP on Broadway are available from Telecharge, TodayTix, and the Circle in the Square box office. It closes December 11th, after just 3 weeks of being open on Broadway. The show has been listed on TKTS and TDF frequently in the recent weeks. KPOP has student rush, digital rush, and lottery options starting at $35. 

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