Magic Monday: Weekly Recap Vol. 1

Happy Magic Monday!

I’m on a mission to create a happier life and find the magic in everyday, so every week on Monday, I decided to share my tales from the previous week in hopes of sharing my journey in creating magic and joy. 

The past week was a wonderful start to July, and my full summer vacation. It’s so crazy to think, though, that I only have two months of summer left before starting my final year of undergrad!

What I Did

Sunday: The Fourth of July was a cleaning day for me! I’ve been wanting to clean and redo my closet for so long, but I lacked the motivation and time to really do it. For the past few weeks, I’ve slowly been cleaning and redoing my room. The day before, my family finally made it to IKEA to get all of the storage solutions I needed, so I was extra motivated to get it done. It took about half the day for me to finish cleaning up, organizing, and storing everyday, but I’m in love with how it turned out! I also got string lights from IKEA and put them up, so my dream wall is so much dreamier. At night, I scheduled some social media posts and wrote some blog content while watching and listening to my seemingly never-ending YouTube watch later list. I wrapped up the day by finishing my latest read, The Midnight Library (my summer reading list is coming soon!).

Monday: This start to the week was both relaxing and exciting. In the morning, I applied to a 4+1 (well, 3+1) Master’s program. While the application itself was easy, getting my transcript from the college I did a high school dual enrollment program with was beyond annoying. I went on to edit my IKEA trip and room reorganization vlog and started reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens- loving it so far! 

Tuesday: What an absolute dream day! I had the chance to talk to one of my favorite creators and role models about how she was able to follow her dreams and it was so inspiring. She was just so sweet! For the rest of the day, I pretty much just worked on filming TikTok videos and I took one quick trip to the library to swap out my books.

Wednesday: I got to see an old friend from high school for the first time since starting college! We used to be so close when we were growing up, but drifted apart a bit when we started our new paths. We were able to reconnect recently and I had such a good time being able to catch up with him. Once I got home, I took some pictures with my new Jurassic Park Loungefly backpack, prepped some new content for the blog, and celebrated my dad’s birthday over dinner.

Thursday: I was so happy to visit Caleb and spend some time with him! We met up first at a mall so I could visit Altar’d State and try on the new arrivals (blog post coming soon!). From there, we wandered around a little bit and grabbed some pizza for lunch. Caleb brought me back to his place and we caught up on Loki and Monsters at Work (let me say, both are amazing! Disney+ originals have yet to disappoint). We ran into some of his high school friends when we grabbed dinner from a local diner, and I started to teach him some Disney history that night (he’s been begging me, I think I’ve finally converted him into a theme park nerd ;P).

Friday: Considering I’m on break, Friday was a work-heavy day for me. I finished prepping a lot of TikToks, worked on finishing up a ton of blog post drafts, and continued to make progress on my updated portfolio site. I also made some notes about what I’d like to do with my senior capstone project and some improvements I want to make to my social media pages. I promise, it’s not as much work as it sounds like! I unwinded by reading more of Where the Crawdads Sing– I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good book!

Saturday: Adventure awaits! I took a ride with my family into New Jersey for the day. Let me say, it was so nice to finally get out of the house. We stopped at a Wawa for lunch on the way (shoutout to the chicken tenders and frozen strawberry lemonade) and headed over to the Freehold Raceway Mall. The highlights for me were definitely getting to explore a Tilly’s, Offline by Aerie, and Primark since there aren’t really any in my immediate area. I’ll be sharing my try-ons to my LiketoKnow.It page! After the mall, my family and I headed over to Sandy Hook National Recreation area. We spent a little less than two hours just relaxing at the beach and enjoying the ocean air. Before we left, I took some pictures for an upcoming collaboration I have with Altar’d State. We stopped at a diner on the way home, and I pretty much crashed that night. If you want to see more of my Saturday, I’ll be uploading a vlog to my YouTube channel soon!

Sunday: Another day, another batch of content to work on. I edited my photos from Saturday, wrote some more blog posts, caught up on social media, and scheduled new posts! I also filmed another video for my YouTube channel and started to edit yesterday’s vlog. It may not have been much, but I was happy to get ready for the week ahead!

What I’ve Been Loving:

Music: I still cannot stop listening to SOUR! I think I’ve officially been converted into an Olivia Rodrigo fan. I’ve also been obsessing over the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series soundtrack since Beauty and the Beast on Broadway was (and still is) my all-time favorite Broadway musical and I’ve been dying at the fact that I get to hear new recordings of some of my favorite show tunes from such a talented cast.

Creators: Once Upon a Bron has been my vlogger of choice this week, powering most of my YouTube binges with her whimsical and magical videos.

Products: The obvious answer here is my new Loungefly Funko Pop! Jurassic Park Gate Backpack. If you want to read more about it, click here! Also, my plush dinosaurs from IKEA finally showed up and I’m in love with them. Home Dinoland, here we come!

Reads: I honestly can’t put Where the Crawdads Sing down, it’s just too good! The ending pretty much had the plot twists of the century. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s my new favorite book. Want to follow my reading progress and current updates? You can check out my Goodreads here.

I’ll see you next Magic Monday, but until then, have a terrific week!

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