Las Vegas is Just As Fabulous Beyond the Strip

We all know Las Vegas for its neon lights, casinos, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in elaborately themed hotels, but the popular tourist destination is just as fabulous beyond the boundaries of the Strip. While many recognize that it’s a city that rises out of the middle of the desert, not many know the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds the city. My ideal vacation doesn’t necessarily match what Vegas has to offer, but when my dad’s conference brought my family out west, I had some time to explore the outskirts of Sin City.

Rather than staying on the Strip in one of the mega-resorts, my family opted to stay in Summerlin, a nearby suburb that was only a short drive to the convention center. In all honesty, the time it took to drive to the convention center from our hotel was about how long it would take to walk from a room on the Strip to the same place. Summerlin, at first glance, is your average suburbia set in the middle of a gorgeous landscape, but there are some really unique spots. Two of my personal favorites were Saint Honore, a boutique donut shop with some of the best donuts I’ve ever had, and Cafe Lola, a small pink-clad cafe with an incredible menu. There’s also an In-n-Out Burger and a Raising Cane’s, both of which are treats for visitors from the east coast, and a Target right down the street from the hotel. Yes, Target isn’t anything special, but it is convenient for grabbing a quick necessity or toiletry refill. There’s a fairly nice shopping center, and See’s Candies for west-coast exclusive treats, but the highlight is that the town is that it is minutes away from a stunning National Conservation Area.

The Valley of Fire is certainly more popular, Red Rock National Conservation Area is a can’t-miss destination of the Las Vegas “suburbs.” A fairly main road (159) runs right through Red Rock for those seeking a quick glance while trying to get back towards Paradise and The Strip, but there are also side paths and paid-entry areas for those looking to explore more. If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, there are plenty of trails to hike, but there are also tons of driving trails for those just looking to take in the views (and take some pictures). I previously visited the paid area run by the Bureau of Land Management, which was incredibly gorgeous and something I was looking forward to revisiting. Unfortunately, the road to get into that area was flooded after heavy rain, so I took a detour and tried a free pull-off parking area that let out at an area where you could walk around and explore a fairly large area. In addition to gorgeous scenic views, there are tons of cacti to take photos of!

There is absolutely so much to do and see on The Strip in Las Vegas, but if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, or something beyond the cityscape, there is so much to experience only a short drive away. 

Have a terrific day!

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