Living Without Regrets

Life presents us with choices every day, and sometimes, the options we’re presented with aren’t simple. In some of these cases, it’s really hard to know the “right” answer until after you’ve chosen and seen the results that follow the choice. When we get to this point, many of us find ourselves living with regret, thinking we made the wrong decision.

I personally feel like there are two kinds of regrets: small and major. Your small regrets are exactly how they sound; your “I wish I bought that dress” or “I regret not going to that restaurant.” Usually, minor regrets don’t add up to much, but they can build on top of each other when they can relate to each other. Then there’s the other kind of regret- a major regret. Usually dealing with a massive life decision or a large change, major regrets are much more likely to take a toll on individuals and their emotional health. Both kinds of regrets affect everyone in some kind of way, and are influential in people’s decision making processes.

Nobody wants to live with regrets, however, sometimes it does happen. As they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty, and you’ll really only know what the right answer for you is after it fully reveals itself. Yet, there is another way to think of it. As I’ve mentioned before, everything happens for a reason, and every moment in life, whether it be choices made for you or by you, add up to one larger picture that takes time to be completed. You may regret making a choice at the very moment, but it may end up being the better choice in the long run.

As of right now, I can confidently say that I’m not living with any regrets that weigh on me. Every decision I’ve made has been for me and the betterment of myself. Every choice I’ve made has had its pros and cons, yet, in the long run, it’s all ended up for the better. Sure, at times I’ve regretted not doing or trying certain things sooner, yet, I realized the timing of everything worked out perfectly in my plan, and I wouldn’t be as strong or as confident with myself today had life’s plans been different. I’ve been nervous about some of the choices I’ve made, but I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome following my personal decisions.

Life is all about mindset and outlook, and it’s easy to slip away from a positive headspace after you feel you’ve made a choice that didn’t end up exactly the way you think it would. What truly matters, however, is that you can walk away from any situation with a mentality that everything will work out, no matter how tough the times may seem. If you can look back without any regrets, you’ve taken the first step towards true success.

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