Magic Happens at Disneyland

Over my Spring Break, I was very fortunate to see the brand-new parade, Magic Happens, just about a week after its premiere. As the name suggests, it was absolutely magical. It was also the first parade I ever photographed, and I was able to take some amazing pictures of all the performers! 

The whole parade was under twenty minutes long, but every second was filled with fun. The avant-garde opening and main theme of the parade were really unique and so entertaining! My personal favorite sections, however, were the Coco and Moana segments. The grand finale was most magical though, and Prince Phillip & Princess Aurora’s float was quite a sight to see. Even today, I have the theme song downloaded on my phone and on multiple of my Spotify playlists and I listen to it all the time!

As we’re waiting for the parks to reopen, I figured I would take today to share some of my pictures from the parade!

Being able to photograph Magic Happens was so much fun for me. I loved how the performers all interacted with the camera (& me), and it was the perfect practice for applying everything I had learned so far in my Intro to Digital Photography class, which was unfortunately cut short.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my photography work. Photography is a big part of what I love to do, and I’m hoping to share more of my work here on my new website! If you’re interested in seeing more images like these, be sure to click here to check out my photography instagram page! If you’d like to be able to check out a recording of the full parade, be sure to click here to check out my vlog from Disneyland, which features clips from Rise of the Resistance, the entirety of Magic Happens, and a lot more fun!

See ya real soon,

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