Making Magic with my Happy Planner

The new year is finally in full swing, and of course, as work starts to build up, organization is necessary. While I love using my digital calendars to help plan my schedule, I’m definitely the kind of person who loves to use a traditional paper planner. Earlier this year, I found out that The Happy Planner was releasing an exclusive Disney collection. After looking into it, I decided it was the planner for my 2021.

Disney Classic Happy Planner

I had never bought a Happy Planner before, but I heard tons of rave reviews. Even just with basic research, the planner seemed so easily customizable. There were tons of add-ons and extras to get, it was almost hard to decide which to get! Since I’ve never used a Happy Planner before, I decided to start with some extra filler paper, then see what kind of sticker, bookmarks, or other fun additions I might want after I figure out exactly how I want to set it up. I was able to pick up some Disney collection filler paper, large stickers, and divider dashboards from my local Jo-Ann’s store. I also picked up some of the colorful box stickers from the Disney Princess collection to help even more with organization when I stopped by a local Michael’s.

Stickers & Weekly Planner Layout

Inside the pages itself, I absolutely love the set up! The monthly layout pages are perfect for looking over my entire month and seeing what bigger assignments are due or events are coming up. I’m also absolutely obsessed with the setup of the weekly spread. Having the multicolored boxes is perfect for being able to give each class and job its own little space and keeping all my tasks organized. Plus, with extra little stickers and some colored pens, it’s so easy to stay organized in a fun and creative way.

Dashboard & Filler Paper

While the planner is so practical, my favorite part about it is the whimsical and magical design with positive quotes throughout. Especially when looking over a lot of to-dos and deadlines, school and work can feel really overwhelming. However, the fun Disney design with inspirational quotes makes me happy to open my planner every time. While it may not be anything big, it’s so nice to have a guaranteed smile for even just a minute every day. 

Large Minnie Mouse Sticker on Weekly Spread

If you’re looking for a new planner, I highly recommend the Happy Planner. The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to layout and design. All of the planners are ready to use, but I also love the huge variety add-on options, like stickers, filler paper, and folder dividers. Plus, with the variety of designs and aesthetics, you can make your planner 100% unique and distinctly you, which is an option that most planners don’t offer. Whether it be Disney, floral, or minimalist, you don’t have to sacrifice planner practicality for a fun design. 

Monthly Layout Spread

While the Mickey & Minnie Disney collection is mostly sold out, you can find the full line of Happy Planner items at their website, and a selection of items at Michael’s and Jo-ann’s. The Happy Planner also released a Disney Princess collection for even more magic. 

Add-on Sticker Packs

See ya real soon,

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    […] While I love using all the digital apps to keep everything together, I still love to have a paper planner that I can touch, decorate, and have as a sidecar to my tech. I recently got a Happy Planner with a bunch of add-on accessories to make it magical, fun, and uplifting. You can check out my post on my Happy Planner here. […]

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