Best Snacks Per WDW Park

Guest post contributed by Hannah Bouchard. You can find more of her content on Instagram and her blog, Completely Magic.

What’s the best snack in each of the Disney World parks? Is it even possible to pick one? Well, that’s the challenge today!

As an avid snacker who adores sweet and salty, I’ve had my fair share of snacks, from the famous dole whip, to the less-appreciated Mr Kamal’s seasoned fries in Animal Kingdom. You could say I’m an expert (you’d be wrong!) That said, I have thought hard to finally decide on one winner from the four parks of Disney World, and I highly recommend you try all four!

First, two disclaimers: I’m a pescetarian, and I’ll be focusing on food, not drinks, for this list!

Magic Kingdom

Citrus Swirl Float from Sunshine Tree Terrace

Sunshine Tree Terrace has a plethora of delicious and refreshing treats that are perfect for the often crazy Orlando heat. Here you can find multiple soft serve flavors (orange, citrus swirl, vanilla and chocolate) and typically a couple of exclusive treats. In the past they’ve had Redd’s Revenge and the FOMOsa! 

Ultimately, the citrus swirl float is one of the best snacks you can find in all of WDW. It is a twisted soft serve of vanilla and a frozen orange juice in a cup with orange soda. Just imagine: ice cold orange soda, now ADD IN soft serve ice cream. It is beyond refreshing and tasty.

Every single time I get this (which is often) I’m taken aback by the size and I start to worry that I won’t finish it. Let’s just say that’s never happened.


American Dream from Fife and Drum Tavern

We all know Epcot is the land of the snacks. With festivals running ¾ of the year, there’s almost always so many options that are always changing and updating. For the sake of convenience, I’d love to tell you my favorite snack that is permanent to Epcot. 

I discovered the American Dream during food and wine one year, thinking it was a fest-exclusive treat. Turns out, it ain’t! You can find this at Fife and Drum Tavern in the American Pavilion. It is a blend of frozen strawberry and blue raspberry slush with vanilla soft serve in the center. The fact that the red isn’t cherry is, in my opinion, a great choice. It’s similar to citrus swirl in that it’s great for a hot day, but it’s also a really yummy balance of fruity and creamy. It’s a must do if you haven’t stuffed yourself with 20 food booths at a festival!

Pro tip: be sure to have a metal or otherwise sturdier straw with you for this. The fight to drink this with a paper straw is something else.

Hollywood Studios

Blueberry Lemon Lunchbox Tart from Woody’s Lunchbox

This is certainly the most difficult park when it comes to finding good snacks. I find that while I’m running at full speed to Slinky Dog Dash and screaming at the top of my lungs when I get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance, I get a bit too preoccupied to worry about snacks. Still, Woody’s Lunchbox is a great spot for a snack! 

They have two permanent lunchbox tarts, one is raspberry, and the other is a chocolate hazelnut one. Unfortunately, my favorite is one that comes back occasionally and leaves with seemingly no warning. The blueberry lemon is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy fruit with the pastry crust and it’s usually decorated with a cute white chocolate Luxo ball. If you happen to be there when this baby is unavailable, I always love the raspberry one as well. The chocolate is solid, (it has bacon bits on top but you can scrape them off like me, hehe) but I find that the fruit fillings are a bit less heavy and won’t slow you down as you race five year olds to get to Smuggler’s Run.

Animal Kingdom

Mini Mango Pie from Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe

Compared to other snacks in WDW, this is a bit of a hidden gem. The Yak and Yeti table-service restaurant is largely accepted as one of the best in the parks, and their walk up version is equally spectacular. In both, the menu has a mango pie. The restaurant gives ya a fancy slice with the drizzles and fruits and the works, but the mini is just as glorious. It’s like taking a full size graham cracker-crust mango pie and shrinking it into a small plastic container. It’s fresh and fruity yet savory. It’s filling but not heavy. It is absolutely a must for me at this point! That said, if you have the chance to have a meal at Yak and Yeti, you totally should! Get the firecracker shrimp.

Disney snacks are their own world. You can find so many delicious foods that are available at random little booths that you stumble upon. I always recommend carving some time out in your trip to try snacks you haven’t had before! Beyond what I listed, you might consider a Cheshire Cat Tail or LeFou’s Brew in Magic Kingdom, the fish and chips from Yorkshire Fish Shop or the raspberry macaron sandwich from Les Halles in Epcot, Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries from his booth or Frozen Flamingo from Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom, or blue milk from the milk stand or Jack Jack’s cookie num-nums from The Market in Hollywood Studios. *large breath out*

Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries from Animal Kingdom
Jack Jack Cookie Num Num from Hollywood Studios

Thank you so much Toni for allowing me to do this guest post and for writing one for me! To read her incredible post on my blog, check out!

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