My Top 7 Fashion Staples

I love my entire closet, but there are some items I love just a little more than the rest. My style has a few staples that work well with every outfit, and a I can’t help but wear them over and over again. Today, I’ll be sharing them all!

1- White Shirts

For a few years now, I’ve had an obsession with white shirts, and it’s no surprise. They go so well with just about everything, and they are so flexible to style! Plus, I love the fact that despite the color being kind of plain, there’s so many fun styles and interesting details and designs to be found!

2- Kate Spade Earrings

Every time I go to the Kate Spade outlet, I always look at the jewelry display first! I absolutely love the gumdrop shape earrings, all the colors are so gorgeous and they really do pair well with everything! They also carry a bunch of cute shaped earrings, some of my favorites being flamingos, birds, and mouse heads! Usually, the earrings end up being 60%/20% on sale, so they’re reasonably priced, and if there’s only one discount, you can stack your student discount on top by showing your student ID!

3- Adidas, Sperry’s, & Sandals

I pretty much have a constant rotation of three types of shoes- my Adidas, my Sperrys, and my sandals. I’ll usually wear my pink striped Adidas superstars, but I also do wear a pink cloudform pair, and a pink gazelle pair. In terms of Sperrys, I pretty much only wear my low-cut classics in the original nude color, and they’re perfect for slip-on shoes and rainy days. I have a pair of Reef sandals I got from Busch Gardens Williamsburg that I wear almost everyday over the summer, but for fancier occasions, I wear my platinum Palm Beach Sandals. On occasion, or in certain weather, I’ll wear other shoes I have, but these three are my typical basic shoe rotation.

4- Monogram Necklaces

I have so many necklaces and chokers I love, but I find myself wearing my Cora’s Den monogram necklaces on repeat. I absolutely love the touch of Disney on my mouse ear necklaces, but even my regular style monogram is so classic and works well with so much. I usually bring them with me when I travel, especially to Florida, and I get so many kind compliments on them!

5- Pura Vida Bracelets

To be perfectly honest, I got my first Pura Vida last August, and since then, I’ve been obsessed and ordered a bunch more. I usually wear three at a time, and they pretty much stay on for months at a time. I’m the type of person who likes bracelets (like my Alex and Ani’s and Pandora), but always forgets to wear them. My Pura Vida’s are great because they’re waterproof and pretty strong, so I can leave them on for long periods of time without any issues. Plus, there’s so many fun color combos to wear!

6- Girly Mini Dresses

I love wearing shorts and skirts, but dresses have always been my favorite. You probably already know that I love Lilly sundresses and shifts, but cute, girly mini-dresses are a total staple in my wardrobe, regardless of the brand. They’re perfect for hot summer activities, looking cute but still staying comfy at school, and can easily be winterized with a sweater and leggings. Girly dresses are easily the most “me” thing I own.

7- Spirit Jerseys

I do love my zip-ups, and I’ve really been getting into crewneck sweatshirts, but I am OBSESSED with Spirit Jerseys! As soon as I discovered them, I fell in love, and they’ve instantly become my go-to comfy outfit. I have a bunch from various trips because they’re a perfect souvenir, and I also have two from Lilly Pulitzer, which are super super soft! A spirit jersey and leggings have easily become my go-to comfy day outfit. Somehow, I don’t have a lot of pictures with spirit jerseys on, and I was actually shocked as I was putting this post together because I wore them all the time.

See ya real soon,

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