Prom 2019 Recap and Pictures!

I had been looking forward to prom almost all of senior year. After all, I love dressing up, taking pictures, and just having a good time with my good friends. A few weeks ago (I know, I’m so sorry this post is coming so late!!), I finally got to experience the day, and I’m so happy to share that I made some great memories.

Originally, I really didn’t think that anyone would ask me to go to prom with them, so I figured that I would ask one of my best friends, who don’t go to my high school, to come with me. Back in December, one of my classmates, who’s a pretty good friend, “promposed” to me with a perfectly magical Disney-inspired poster. Although Emma was sad she didn’t get to go with me, my friend Timmy needed a date, and since the two kind of knew each other from meeting before, I suggested that Tim bring Emma.

Surprisingly, prepping for prom was not all that much work. I picked up my date’s boutonniere from the florist down the street. After that, I went to get my hair done, and I did my own makeup. This did take up most of the morning, but I knew I had the time, so I didn’t mind going a little slower and using all of it.

After I was all ready to go, I went to pick up Emma, and we went to take pictures before prom together. We started at a local property (that was absolutely beautiful), and then went to our meeting place to meet with our dates. After some more pictures, we got the all-clear to get onto the bus and head over to the venue.

Once we got to the venue, we had a small reception outside. Afterwards, we went inside, which is where the party actually started. The food was pretty good, but I truly enjoyed the dessert. I also had a ton of fun dancing with my friends! The night was truly like a last blast before high school ended, and despite the rainy weather, I had a truly enjoyable night.

I hope you enjoyed this little recap of my senior prom! I also did vlog the night, and you can watch the video here for an in-the-moment look at my night:

See ya real soon,

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