Quay Blue Light Glasses Review

Last year, I saw Quay Australia released a new line of blue light filtering glasses. Between school work and blog work, I spend a lot of time in front of a screen. After a long period of work, my eyes would get a little tired and I might get a bit of a headache. Even though I wasn’t suffering, I still wanted to take care of my eyes. After a bit of thinking, I decided to order a pair of blue light filtering glasses with a square, rose gold frame.

For those of you who don’t know, all screens emit a type of light called blue light. It can be harmful to your long-term health, especially if you spend a lot of time near screens, and even be a nuisance on a daily basis since it is artificial light. Many people experience headaches and eye screens from being around screens too much, but even if you feel fine, you’re likely still hurting your eyes.

Enter blue-light glasses. The lenses in these glasses are non-prescription, but can be filled with your prescription if you take them to wherever you get your prescription filled. These glasses have filters that limit blue light exposure to your eyes, and therefore, reduce chances of medical issues or discomfort. While I only believe they come in traditional frames, the technology is extremely new, and will likely be developed into contacts, or more, in the near future.

Personally, I had heard about these new lenses through a friend of mine who had them recommended to her by her doctor. The ones she had were fairly bland looking, and the lenses themselves had a yellow tint, which made them not the most ideal for someone who didn’t need them. A few months later, I saw Quay Australia came out with a blue light line, and since Quay is my favorite brand for sunglasses, I decided to check it out. They took many of their best-selling frames and revamped them to fit the new blue light lenses. I personally had a difficult time deciding what to get, as I really liked many of the designs. I decided to get the Hardwire style with the Rose Gold frame, but the Walk On style was my second choice! After using them, I saw a huge difference in how I felt, even though I didn’t originally think I had much discomfort in using screens! I’ve been using them a lot at home for blogging and school work, but I’ve actually brought them to school with me a few times, and gotten many compliments on them! I will definitely be using them a lot when I start college in the fall, and I might even consider buying a second pair!

The shirt featured in these images is from Jadelynn Brooke; if you’d like to order anything, be sure to use code TPAHHS for 15% off! My leggings are from Lilly Pulitzer!

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