Spring Break- Wednesday

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Welcome back, and thanks for reading my tales from Spring Break.

Wednesday was a super fun day. My family and I went to Duck Donuts for breakfast, which is always fun. It’s pretty much a custom donut place, and the base donuts are always fresh. From Duck Donuts, we went straight to Busch Gardens.

We wanted to go early because it was supposed to rain midday, but thankfully it didn’t, and the crowds weren’t crazy. I rode all the major rides (with the exception of Mach Tower due to technical problems) with almost no wait. I fed the lorikeets in Lorikeet Glen, which was amazing because the birds were extremely active and friendly when I went. I also visited the Highland Stables in Scotland and took pictures with the Clydesdales. One of the trainers told us that if we took the train, we could see two new baby horses in the pastures. I’m not sure what breed the horses were, but they were adorable. For lunch, I got a Chili Pot Potato from O’Tators, a new quick service restaurant in Ireland, and it was so good. I’ve never had a baked potato before, let alone one with all kinds of toppings, and I was pleasantly surprised. We also went back to Josephine’s for more ice cream because the sundaes there are amazing. Since we pretty much did everything big in the park early on, we took another loop of the park, and really just took a bunch of pictures and looked at all of the pretty floral displays that were just starting to bloom. We also rode the Rhine River cruise, which is something I totally recommend because it is really relaxing and it has great views. After we finished our loop, we left the park.

We went to the outlet center to look a a few stores that I didn’t get to go to in Tennessee because they were closed, like Kate Spade. We also went to the Yankee Candle Village. Even though it is technically a Yankee Candle store, they sell home goods, accessories, food and candy, toys, and there’s even a whole little Christmas section. We went in just a few years ago just out of curiosity, and we never would have guessed what the place was actually like from the front of it. We went to the Carrabba’s next door for dinner. From there, we headed back to our hotel and called it a night.

I hope you guys are enjoying these posts!

See you tomorrow for more adventures,


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