Sunflower Fields Forever

As summer continues to pass, I’ve been looking for fun day trips and activities to keep myself occupied and get some feeling of a traditional summer vacation. Since the fall is nearing, sunflowers fields are starting to reach full bloom. I’ve always seen tons of pictures of sunflower fields, and I’ve always wanted to go. Luckily, I found a farm not too far from me, and I invited my good friend, Caleb, along for some pictures and exploring. Before walking into the field, there were some adorable farm animals, including the cutest little goat. The field itself was almost set up like a maze, which made walking around a lot of fun. After wandering through the whole area, we each picked out some sunflowers we wanted to take home (everyone was allowed to take 3 each home). Before leaving to head home, we snapped a couple more pictures with our cut sunflowers, and stopped at a local apple orchard and carryout restaurant for a little food. I was able to capture some incredible pictures, and I had an absolutely wonderful experience! I totally recommend visiting a sunflower field if you have the chance, and I hope I’ll be able to visit more floral farms in the future!

See ya real soon,

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