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  • Altar’d State Sale Haul – June 2020

    Within the past year, Altar’d State has quickly become one of my favorite stores. As soon as I had discovered the store a few years back, I fell in love with the aesthetic, but I had to wait to grow into their sizing, especially since most of the stores were pretty far away from my hometown. When two stores opened up in my area, I was ecstatic! I saw online…

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  • Finding Happiness

    The past few months, especially the past few weeks, have been quite difficult for all of our mental health. Personally, I’ve been a lot more on edge lately. I find that the smallest things are causing anxiety, I get bored easier, and I feel so…

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  • Pardon my Pixie Dust

    Hello friends! Today, I’ll be sharing a little update here at Pink Days Blog. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably noticed a few small changes, like my new theme on my Instagram feed. Well, that’s only the start, and there’s a…

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