Shop Spotlight: Fintastic Configuration

As I’ve been looking for new ways to create magic at home, Disney style has definitely become a go-to. I definitely haven’t been dressing up (it’s been a lot of leggings and t-shirts for me), but putting on some magically-inspired jewelry has been bringing just a little bit of magic to my day.

Fintastic Configuration is one of my go-to shops for all things magical. I have almost all of Dominique’s necklaces, and I’m constantly wearing them on rotation. Back when I was still in school, I’d always get a ton of compliments on my little “hidden Mickeys” in my outfits. My personal favorite would have to be the Snap the Magic necklace. As a Disney and photography fan, it happens to be a design that represents me so well. Most of my comm-major friends also love it. I don’t get to go to the parks all the time, but when I do, Fintastic Configuration jewelry always makes it to my bag. Aside from the actual shop, Dominique is super sweet, and all of her pages are so gorgeous! I always look forward to seeing her posts, and I constantly find myself re-pinning her Pinterest posts.

I am super excited to announce that I am now a brand affiliate for Fintastic Configuration! To visit Dominique’s shop, you can use the link below:

Fintastic Configuration Shop

See ya real soon,


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