The Art of Disney Bounding

Halloween is just about a week away! While some are total Hallo-queens and have been planning elaborate costumes for months, I can definitely relate to being unsure of what to do just a couple days away and looking for a creative solution. In previous years, Disney Bounding has been my go-to for Halloween and school spirit weeks, especially if a last-minute fix is in order.

I know what you’re thinking: Well, what even is Disney Bounding? It’s honestly quite fun and easy to do. Disney bounding is essentially dressing up in an outfit that’s inspired by Disney characters, and it can be elaborate or as simple as you want. If you wanted to Disney bound as Rapunzel, you could wear a purple and pink dress with some kind of floral accessories. To Disney bound as Jack Skellington, you could wear a black and white striped jumpsuit. Many people use Disney bounding on Dapper Day events at the parks, wearing elaborate, vintage outfits in a color scheme that closely resembles some Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars favorites.

Now, where does Disney bounding come into play with Halloween? Even though it can be as simple as a color scheme, or as elaborate as a Dapper Day outfit, the middle ground in between the two makes for the perfect costume. Start off by taking a look inside your closet and see what you already own. Often times, you can pair items you already own, but wouldn’t typically wear together, for the perfect character-inspired look. You can stop there once you find the perfect outfit, but you can also shop for accessories if you want to be a little extra. Even if you need to go buy some new clothing items, the great part of Disney bounding is that you can reuse your items all year long!

Last year, I Disney bounded as Marie (from the Aristocats) for Halloween, and I only need to go out and get white cat ears because I had everything else. Even some of my parks outfits can be considered bounds, like the pink dress I wore on my last day in Florida this summer (subtle Aurora bound, anyone?). While it’s a good reference to start, there are some pretty amazing sources out there if you need a little extra inspiration. @thedisneybound on Instagram is a page that specializes in sharing different bounds and inspiration boards for characters. Courtney from @colormemagic on Instagram, and Valen from @disneywithvalen on Instagram have been sharing some adorable Disney bounds lately, Chelsea from @styledbymagic on Instagram is always sharing the best Disney looks.

A very subtle Aurora Disney bound

If you decide to Disney bound for Halloween this year, I’d love to see your looks!

See ya real soon,

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