The Light Salon at Nordstrom

This post is NOT sponsored and contains my own opinions of my experience with the Light Salon.

In recent weeks, a brand new mall, The Sono Collection, opened not too far from me (it’s a little bit of a drive but not that bad at all). One of the first stores to open was a Nordstrom, and it was an absolutely beautiful store. For the opening festivities, the store held a Beauty Bash, where I discovered that the store had their very own Beauty Haven. Think a “store-in-store” set up featuring an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Suite, a Base Coat Nail Salon, and a Light Salon for your beauty needs and you’ve found the right place. As someone who’s struggled with their skin, the Light Salon intrigued me the most.

When I was younger, I had a severe contact reaction on my face from products my dermatologist gave me, which caused welts, acne issues, and acne scarring. I had gone to an esthetician and done micro needling and laser treatments for a while, but the downtime had always bothered me, and I didn’t really want to continue treatments like that in college. When I saw the Light Salon was designed for healing skin treatments, I was immediately interested. At the event, I got to try a treatment with the light and fell in love. Since then, I’ve been going on a routine schedule for my skincare.

Now, you’re probably wondering how the Light Salon works. Its main feature is a literal LED light machine that penetrates about twice the depth of the usual at-home light masks. The strength of the light is the same as ones used to reduce inflammation and irritation at doctor’s offices following medical treatment, and is the first of its kind to be used in the beauty industry.

I’ve been getting the Signature light facial treatment. It takes about 25 minutes, and involves approximately 17 minutes of time under the light. Before the light, your face is cleansed and prepped. Following the light treatment, moisturizer and sunscreen are massaged into your skin (and it feels so good).

I’ve been doing the Signature treatment for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love it. There is no pain or downtime involved, its affordable compared to most other treatments out there, and the timing is perfect for a busy college student. It’s also a great opportunity to just relax for a little bit, and the little heat wave I can feel from the light makes me happy as it begins to get colder and colder out.

The Light Salon is opening several locations in Nordstroms across the US, and if you have the opportunity to try one, I most definitely recommend it. I’ve been seeing great results from it, as soon as even the next morning. I feel that it’s been well worth my time and effort, and my esthetician, Danielle, is so sweet! I can’t wait to continue my treatments and see even more great results!

On my first time there I was lucky enough to meet the founder of the Light Salon! She was so kind, and so knowledgeable on skincare.

I brought my one of my college friends, Sylvia, with me on this trip. She said I was her favorite rotisserie chicken and took this picture of the treatment.

The treatment from a different angle, and my wonderful esthetician, Danielle!

See ya real soon,

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