The Ultimate Guide to Gift Inspiration for Friends

It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love and everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gifts. Yup, it’s the holiday season. Gift giving can be tough, but I’ve decided to put together an all encompassing gift-guide to help you find the perfect gift for your friends. Today’s guide is for when you’re beginning to find inspiration for the perfect gift. While I do have several gift ideas listed below, I will be posting several more specific gift guides later this month. Happy Gifting!

For the Makeup Geek

Makeup geeks are easy to satisfy with a gift card to Sephora or Ulta (who wouldn’t love the freedom to frolic around the little slices of makeup heaven?). However, if you’re looking for something for something a little creative, beauty boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy are options that allow your friends to try new products from the comfort of their homes, while being able to customize what they get through beauty quizzes (stay tuned for a video reviewing my beauty box gifts!). Many brands, like Benefit and Tarte, also put together holiday gift sets to sample bestsellers in an easy to use mini size.

For the Dis-Nerd.

If you have a Disney obsessed friend, the holidays are your time to shine in the gift world. Holidays in the Disney realm are a huge deal, and all the shopping possibilities are there to match. Christmas tsum tsums are a great gift, especially since they come in a wide variety of characters. Disney also sells a ton of holiday plushies in all sizes for every warm and cozy Netflix-binging winter day. For the parks lover, there are is a wide selection of ears in almost every design you can imagine on both shopDisney and Etsy.

For the Fashionista

Clothing can be tempting to buy, but I love gifting accessories to my friends because they can wear it with so many different outfits! Alex and Ani bracelets are always a great gift, especially when you pick out a charm that is meaningful to the recipient. Jewelry is always a good gift, especially something simple like an initial necklace or pretty earrings (pro tip- Kate Spade outlets have great earring selections at the holidays, and they come at a variety of prices). One of my friends loves scrunchies, so I would get her a pack of scrunchies in colors and patterns she likes, or I would find some cute holiday scrunchies for her. If you’re looking for festive holiday jewelry to gift, I recommend looking at Francesca’s! Aerie and American Eagle also have a good selection of Christmas accessories.

For the World Traveler

When you have a friend that is always traveling, you’ll want to give them something to remember their travels by, or make their travels a bit easier. If you want to splurge a little, Polaroid camera sets are both fun to use and make adorable keepsakes. For those who travel internationally a lot, a cute passport cover from Kate Spade is also a good idea (the outlets often have both new and older designs if you’re looking for the perfect one). Cosmetic and travel bags are also fun gifts that come in a wide array of prices, sizes, and colors, perfect for any taste.

For the Chill One

Netflix binges are probably their specialty. For the friend who is always super chill and relaxed, you want to give them something that matches their lifestyle. Cozy blankets and socks make the perfect pair for cold winter days. If they use bath bombs, holiday scents from lush also make for a great gift. Scented candles, face masks, and Bath and Body Works items are also gifts that would be perfect for this kind of friend. Anything you can think of that makes for a great day off is exactly what you want to gift your chill friends.

For the College Student

In my mind, the ideal gift for a college student is both practical and has touches of home. Stores like Vera Bradley, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and PINK sell cute items that students can also use on a daily basis, like beauty sets, printed school supplies, and decorative organizational items. When college students are living far away from home, they usually like to have little touches of their family and friends in their dorm. Little accessories and decorations that are cute but also have a deeper meaning are the perfect gift. Finally, college is stressful for most students. Stress-relieving gifts are both fun and will be well-appreciated once the big tests and papers return for the next semester.

For the Best Friend

My best friend and I are always looking to get the perfect gift for each other, and both of us typically trying to get custom gifts. One year, she got me a set of monogrammed pens with Lilly Pulitzer prints and a Lilly printed blanket with my name on it. Another year, I made her a photo book with some of our favorite memories together. When you’re gifting with people you’re extremely close with, always try to gift something that means something to your friendship. Whether it be a photo book or a homemade gift, best friends always appreciate the thought and effort of a personalized gift rather than a nice gift that could easily be bought at a mall (unless you know what’s on the top of their Christmas list).

For the Foodie and the Chocoholic

We all have that one friend who’s in a full time relationship with food. Luckily, the holidays are a pretty sweet time to find a gift for this type of friend. Sugarfina has “bento boxes” that you can customize with as little as 3 candy cubes of any flavor your heart desires. Stores like Lolli and Pops have holiday flavored chocolate bars and boxes. Even at your local grocery store, you could pick up a bunch of holiday treats and put together a holiday treat kit.

I hope you guys found a little holiday inspiration from this post. I tried to make this guide easy to build from, and not necessarily a specific list of specific gifts, which makes it perfect for finding the truly perfect gift for your friend. Still need a gift idea? Comment down below about your friend and I’ll be happy to help! Enjoy the holidays!

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