Unapologetically Me

New year, same me.

 Just bolder and unafraid to be myself. And a lot more confident.

Happy 2019 everyone, it’s hard to believe that we’re just about two weeks in. At this point, a lot of people are still working on their New Year’s Resolutions. This year, mine were all very intrapersonal. So today, I decided to take it a step further and reaffirm who I am to reflect my growing self confidence.

I am proud of who I am. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I continue to work on getting stronger with every step. I work hard, dream big, and smile a lot. I’m a naturally happy and bubbly person. I like to make friends. I want to go out of my way to be a friendly face.

I am proud of my style. Sometimes, I wear Lilly Pulitzer and the brightest pink shift dress I have. Sometimes, I feel like wearing something more trendy and go for a cute American Eagle or PacSun outfit. Sometimes, I just want to feel super comfy and throw on my favorite leggings and a Spirit Jersey (I love them so much). It may not be the most mainstream look book, but it’s mystyle. I wear what makes me happy. It changes a little from day to day, but it’s all about how I feel.

I am proud of my love of Disney. It’s something I’ve never been ashamed of, and it’s something I never want to be scared to share. I know it, most people have never heard of my favorite characters (I love you, Duffy & Friends). But, I believe in the power of everyday magic. Disney has always been something that has made me happy. I make a lot of references to the films and parks, and I’m also so happy when my friends pick up on them. For me, it’s more than just characters and stories. It’s a realm where I can leave the real world behind and immerse myself in a whole lot of playtime and pixie dust.

I am proud of loving theme parks. And not just Disney. SeaWorld, Universal, and Busch Gardens are happy places for me. They’re all well-themed, beautiful, and have lots to experience. I could go and ride every ride and see every show, or just walk around and take pictures, and have a blast either way. I love travelling and experiencing new things, but I always find myself wanting to return during shorter breaks for just a little bit of adventure and happiness.

I am proud of my interests and hobbies. I love writing and taking pictures, French, and my blog. When I was first starting my blog, I have to admit that I was pretty scared of being accepted. Now, even though I don’t post as much as I would like to, my blog is my creative outlet for stress, and a place I know is about whatever I want it to be.

I am proud of my dancing. I wasn’t always, though. For years, I never thought I was good enough, or that I was as good as anyone else. Every picture and video I saw of myself, all I could think of was everything wrong with it and how it wasn’t perfect. Reflecting back, it was almost dangerous how poorly I thought of myself. I felt that way up until a few months ago, when I made some changes in my life, which indirectly caused me to see that I’m not a terrible dancer, and that I was a whole lot better than I thought I was.

I am proud of my skin. About two and a half years ago, I had an allergic reaction on my face, which resulted in serious welts and scarring. For the longest time, I hated the way it looked and I hated taking pictures. After some work with an aesthetician to heal my skin and get it back to a healthy state, I feel so much better about it. Some of the scarring is left (too bad none of them make a tiny hidden Mickey). Even though it’s going away as a part of the healing treatments, I know that my scars do not define me, and where they come from is just a single point in my life.

I am proud of ME. I have been wrestling with self-esteem and confidence for years, and in the past few months, I’ve really been able to work on bringing it back up to a healthy point. This post has been the summation on a lot of mental strengthening. I know we all have our low points in life, but never forget to be proud of who you are. You are unique and beautiful, and no other person will ever be exactly like you. We all have our own special set of talents, interests, and feelings, so be confident in what you have. Everything happens for a reason, and nothing exists for no reason. Although it may not seem like it now, you truly do have everything you need to succeed and be your best self.

See ya real soon,

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