Lilly Pulitzer APS Haul

It’s the beginning of January, and in the Lilly world, that can only mean one thing- the After Party Sale! The sale is usually hectic, involving hour plus waits just to get onto the website. But, everyone goes in hopes of scoring one of their favorite items from the previous season at a great price. After all, the Lilly APS only happens twice a year, and the deals can be upwards of 50% off.

I wasn’t planning on going crazy this year. The past few sales have been absolutely insane, and many of my friends had their orders cancelled weeks after the sale. It also usually takes forever to get the orders. I looked online after I got home from school and found a few items I was considering. I also shopped around on Zappos. The selection is a lot smaller, but it’s not as busy, I can return products I don’t like, I get my order the next day, and they price match Lilly! Although I didn’t buy a ton this sale, here’s what I got!

From Lilly

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Sophie Dress in Slathouse Soiree, $54

I’ve been eyeing up this dress since it came out- I love the cute little elephant and the flowers! I also find the Sophie dresses to be super comfy and easy to wear for both formal and causal occasions. It was one of the items I was hoping I’d find on the sale, and I lucked out!

From Zappos

Raina Dress in Garden Get Away

I tried this on in the Tampa store (be sure to check out my Tampa vlog!- ) when I was on vacation. Although I really liked it, I knew the APS was coming and I could probably get a better deal on it then. I was so happy to find it on Zappos! Like the Sophie, it can be worn for both casual days and days that are slightly fancier. Plus, it’s also really comfy!

UPF 50+ Luxletic Aila Meryl Nylon Skort, , large

Aila Skort in Extra Lucky, $39

I bought the Finn Tee over the summer, and got the Run Around Hat for my birthday in the same print. When I originally tried it on over the summer, I fell in love and knew it was something I would need to look for on the APS. It feels amazing on, and I already have a whole outfit to match (should I want to). I can’t wait to wear it while working out!

While I wasn’t expecting to get much out of the sale, I was pleasantly surprised to find the three items I decided to wait on earlier in the season, and at reasonable prices. I’m also super happy to have already received both the items I’ve received from Zappos, and hopefully my Lilly order will get here soon!

What were you able to pick up from the sale? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

See ya real soon,

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