What I Got for Christmas 2020

This year, I certainly had a most magical Christmas and Santa Goofy left me some fun gifts under the Christmas tree! I didn’t make a super particular wishlist this holiday season, but I was fortunate to be gifted some truly great items. Today, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite gifts from this Christmas.

Over the past year, I’ve started a few new collections. While I’ve been collecting Disney pins my entire life, I just started to get into Funkos and Disney Store keys. I have no intention of making those collections anywhere near as large, but I was happy to add a few items to my collectibles shelf, like a Mandalorian and Rapunzel Funko figure, as well as the Toy Story and Mandalorian keys, with coordinating Mando key pin. I got into The Mandalorian over quarantine and I’ve been watching the new season of the show (and Disney Gallery behind-the-scenes) religiously all fall and was so happy to finally add a few Mando items to my collection. Rapunzel has been my favorite Disney princess since Tangled premiered about a decade ago, and I love this little one with the lantern and the braided hair. I was also happy to have two more of the collectible keys to go with the Fantasia key I got a few weeks ago. 

The collectibles were not the only Disney-related items I received, though. I also got Maps of the Disney Parks, which is a really cool book all about the history and styles of Disney Parks maps over the years. Especially since I’ve been getting more and more interested in graphic design this year, I’m excited to read this book and hopefully pick up some inspiration for my own creative projects. Building off map inspiration, I got the Loungefly backpack, t-shirt, and wallet from the Disneyland 65th anniversary collection at BoxLunch. The main design of the collection features artwork inspired by the layout of the Disneyland map. My favorite part of the design is certainly the inclusion of Toontown at the top since my friends have lovingly nicknamed me “Toontown.” The new Make-a-Wish Spirit Jersey matched this line perfectly, and the sparkly material is to die for. To top it all off, I was able to add a new cozy blanket to my bed- the ink and paint line’s Disneyland blanket. I already have the animator artwork Mickey Mouse sheets (which I got for my birthday), and this blanket is the incredibly soft and magical addition to my room. 

I may be a huge Disneyland fan, but Disney parks items were not the only gifts under the Christmas tree. In addition to the Disneyland Loungefly, I was gifted the Duffy & friends Aulani Loungefly (which I was obsessed with since I saw it) as well as the green sparkly mouse ears beanie. I got the Sanctuary candle from Altar’d  State (one of my favorite stores) which smells amazing and makes for a delightful rose gold addition to my room. My final gift was the Huda Beauty Naughty palette. Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes have been my favorites for years, and I absolutely love burgundies in the winter, which makes this the perfect addition to my makeup collection. 

I’m so thankful for all of the gifts I received this Christmas, and I can’t wait to use them all! My shirts have already been worn, my collectibles have been put on display, my eyeshadow palette has been used, and my blanket has made its way to my bed. I’d love to hear what you received for Christmas, so be sure to comment your favorite gift down below!

Have a terrific day,

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