You’ve Got (Magic) Mail

I have a collection of Disney postcards, and it’s one of my absolute favorite things. To be, it’s a collection of little pieces of art that I can display in so many different ways, with just a hint of the spirit of travel and adventure. So, when I saw My Oh My Supply Co. would be collaborating with Hello Sam Sam Designs to make a Disney postcard-inspired collection, I knew I needed to get something from it.

As a little side note, My Oh My Supply Co has been one of my favorite Disney-inspired small shops for the past few years. They have so many cute designs with nods to my favorite pop culture references, but being the extremely indecisive person I am, I only ever ordered a set of Duffy and Friends sketch stickers for a bin in my room. I have, however, been an extremely active supporter on their social media pages, and continuously tried to decide what shirt I should order first. The magic mail design, though, was love at first sight.

The shirt itself is super soft and comfortable and fits me perfectly. I love the grey base color not only for styling with other items in my closet, but for allowing the design of the shirt itself to really pop! The art on the design is absolutely gorgeous. The different stamps highlight favorite scenes and rides from around the Magic Kingdom in a gorgeous bright and pastel color scheme that’s reminiscent of the bright colors and the feeling of being in the parks. The added details of the stamps and the “postcard” text on the lower left part of the shirt add a delightful vintage touch that makes it the perfect representation of Magic Kingdom.

After receiving my (magic) mail, I decided to wear my shirt when I went to visit the Inspiring Walt Disney exhibit at the Met.

While this collaboration with Hello Sam Sam Designs is no longer in stock, you can check out the My Oh My Supply Co site to find magical and pop culture-inspired apparel and accessories. Any delivery from My Oh My Supply Co truly is magic mail.

Have a terrific day!

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