My 21st birthday was earlier this month. I typically post every year on (or close) to my birthday, but between my celebratory trip, my discounted Broadway tickets, and work, I fell behind a little bit (coincidentally, about 21 days). I did, however, still want to write a little bit about this momentous occasion because life’s been pretty great lately.

Let’s start with some context, shall we? A year ago, I was incredibly lonely, struggling in trying to adjust to actually being on a college campus again, and I didn’t even know when I was going to graduate or what I was going to do with my life. Pretty much all of my friends at college had graduated, and all of my friends from before college lived states away. The world was still kind of an uncertain disaster, and I couldn’t take all of that uncertainty without becoming a nervous (rex). It really is a lot of pressure for a newly 20 year old to navigate a world where no one knew what was happening and try and make some sense of it.

Fast forward to, well, now. I’m happy and on what feels like a fulfilling path, I’m a college graduate and incredibly lucky to have a job in my industry a month after graduation, and I made friends both in my area and all across the country. I’ve found a new happy place (looking at you, Margaritaville hotels and resorts), rediscovered my love of musical theatre through the help of discounted Broadway tickets, and have what is almost a perfect hair and skincare routine. Oh, and I just changed my hair and I’m in love with how I look! Especially since graduation, I’ve been able to really branch out of my shell. I’ve traveled a lot and seen a bunch of must-see Broadway shows with more exciting adventures planned over the next few months. I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of my long-distance friends, too, and they’re just as incredible in real life.

I will have to say the biggest change is that over the last few months I feel that I’ve really broken out of my shell. I’m not sure if it’s the friends that have uplifted me, the new places I’ve found joy in, or the stories I’ve invested in on paper, stage, and screen, but I’ve been feeling so much more confident with who I am, what I do, and where I want to go. It’s truly an incredible feeling, and I can only assume this feeling will grow.

Sure, I haven’t been writing or editing or posting as much, but I’ve been out making the most of life and all these incredible experiences and sharing when I can. I’m going to stay focused on my happiness, and I know everything will fall into place.

21, you’ve already started off with a bang and you’re going to be a great one. Shine on.

Have a terrific day!

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