A Letter to my Future Self

Dear Future Toni,

I’m sitting here, finishing up high school, and dreaming of the future. I mean, we’ve been dreaming for a while, but now, the future is closer than ever. I know a lot of things are about to change, so I kinda wanted to just take a step back and just live in the moment. I have a lot of hopes and visions, and just wanted to capture them as I’m feeling them. I hope you’re reading this four years from now, when you’re getting ready to graduate from college. You’ll probably be having a lot of the same feelings, just on an entirely different level.

I hope you had the best college experience. Right now, I couldn’t be more excited to start college. It all just seems so exciting. Did you get to take all the classes I wanted? I’m honestly just so ecstatic to be taking classes that I love and am genuinely interested in, like photography and videography and journalism and just all that fun stuff. Maybe you got to take some theater classes (and a few voice lessons), and you got your minor in French. College is just looking to be a beacon of opportunity, and I sincerely hope that’s what it is. I wish that you look back on this and remember how excited you were to start college, and then think about all the cool clubs and people you got to experience, and all the amazing things you learned in your classes. Oh yeah, and your graduation cap better be amazing.

I hope you’re going to get an amazing job. I’m not really sure what I want to right now, but I hope you get a super cool job in Communications/Media, or the Performing Arts, or both! You’ve always worked so hard, so I hope you get everything you want and deserve and dream of. You’re going to be so successful, especially since you’ve probably gotten to do such amazing internships while you were still in school.

I hope you still love Disney. And can quote all those songs on your Spotify. I just absolutely love Disney right now, and I don’t really see how I could live without all of that magic in my life. Did you get to do the Disney College Program, or a Professional Internship? I want to work for the mouse so badly, and meet more people like me who can’t go a day without making some kind of Disney reference. I think Disney World already celebrated their big anniversary, so I hope you got to go. Of course, you have to eat all the mickey bars, dole whips, and snacks, and then ride Tron and the Runaway Railway and take pictures at all the fun walls. Oh, and are you going to Tokyo Disney or Disneyland Paris if you haven’t already? I want to travel all around, and hope you get to see all the amazing things I want to see so badly.

I hope you’re 100% you and proud of it. It’s not always easy, but your true you is your best you and you should show it all the time. When you’re really who you are on the inside, you’re the most comfortable and the most confident, and that’s always when you do the best. Don’t be afraid or worry about what other people think, just be yourself and you’ll be totally great.

I hope you’re still just as colorful and cheery as I am now. Spread some sunshine! Even if you’re not wearing Lilly Pulitzer all the time, I hope you’re still trying to be a bundle of light for everyone around you, and that you’re still the type of person to be supportive and uplifting to everyone around you.

I hope dance is still important to you. I know a full time ballet company isn’t really the lifestyle you want, but I hope you at least got to guest dance and maybe even audition a few places for different things. Maybe you even got to do some dancing for Disney :). I know when you’re reading this, you’ll be in a totally different place in your life, but I seriously hope that dance is still going to be a place of relaxation for you, and that maybe you got to take it to the next level in some shape or form.

I hope you have great friends. I know I’m a little nervous right now about making friends in college, but if all your high school friends were right, you’ll have met amazing people that will help you grow on your journey and have become a part of your support system. Hopefully you’ve met people with similar interests and goals that you can grow with, and you’re still super close with your current best friends who have been with you through it all. No matter what happens, I know you’ll be with your people when you’re reading this.

I hope you’re still blogging. Blogging has changed your life so much (even as I’m writing this), I can’t imagine what it could do for you after more than just over a year! Blogging was the one place you could combine everything you love and all your passions, and show the world exactly who you are. I hope as you’re reading this too that Pink Days Blog and Terrifically Toni have grown a lot, meaning you’ve made a lot of friends who want to join you on your adventures.

I hope you’ll be everything I want you to be. If I know anything, life changes things and throws curveballs, but if I know you, you’ll overcome it with grace and become an even better person from it. I have such big dreams and high hopes for you, and I know you’re destined to do amazing things and exceed all my expectations. You’ll have been a great performer, a better blogger, and you’ll be doing great with whatever position you decide you want to pursue.

I can’t wait to see where you are in just four short years. I bet you’ve had the time of your life in college, and you’re getting ready to start life outside of school while still following your heart. You’ll be living your dream and finding your happily ever after, and I couldn’t be happier about that. You’re going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to experience every second of it.

See ya real soon,

Toni from 2019

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