Best Photo Spots at Epcot

No trip around the World Showcase Lagoon is complete without photo stops! From Future World to the International Gateway, Epcot is home to some of the best photo spots at Walt Disney World. Personally, I love the authentic architecture and design in the World Showcase pavilions- it definitely makes for some beautiful and unique photos! Looking for some of these famed gems? This guide is the perfect start.

Italy Pavilion

The Italy Pavilion is probably the most popular spot for pictures in the park, yet, all the best spots rarely have people around. After wandering towards the side alley near Tutto Italia restaurant and arched hallway in front of Il Bel Cristallo shop, it’s also a great place to grab some authentic Italian snacks. Before you leave to head over to the next country on your journey, be sure to explore the bridges and canals near the water- you’ll be able to find some really unique backgrounds and angles, plus a gorgeous view of the whole pavilion and Spaceship Earth!

Morocco Pavilion

To be honest, I don’t remember going in the Morocco Pavilion much as a kid. There were never many kid-engaging activities inside the pavilion itself, so I would just walk by. Now that I’m into photography, I can never pass it up. The past few times I’ve been there, it’s been pretty quiet, which makes getting pictures a bit easier. The arches and mosaics in the area are particularly gorgeous. The low-angle shots are definitely stunning here, but fair warning: the pavement has shells in it which makes it not the most comfortable to sit or kneel on (sorry, mom).

France Pavilion

I’ve been taking French classes since before I started pre-K, so I’ve always had a deep love and respect for the culture. Until I can get to Paris in real life, going to the France pavilion always makes me so happy. My favorite place to get pictures has always been the center fountain since it’s just so gorgeous, but I have a feeling that might change once I get to see the new Ratatouille area!

England Pavilion

I always love roaming the gardens in the England pavilion and seeing the pretty flowers! Plus, when you wander into the back area, you’ll find a street that’s reminiscent of Cherry Tree Lane. Plus, if you’re lucky with your timing, you might even find some adorable and fun friends wandering by.

Canada Pavilion

That’s right- there’s a castle in Epcot, and its conveniently located in the Canada Pavilion! This area has so many incredible spots, from a castle to a waterfall to a gorgeous garden, it’s certainly not one to miss. It’s easily the most underrated area for photos in the park!

If you’ve been following Disney news, you’ll know that Epcot’s been receiving a ton of massive renovations, particularly in Future World. I can’t wait to see how the park looks in the end, and find more fun photo spots for magical images!

Have a favorite photo spot in Epcot I didn’t share here? Be sure to comment it , I’d love to hear about it!

Looking for more travel photo guides? I’ve already shared about Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure, let me know which parks you’d like to see next!

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