Jurassic POP!

Life finds a way. Or at least a new Loungefly. 

I am such a big Jurassic Park fan and Loungefly connoisseur, so when I found the new Loungefly Funko Pop! Jurassic Park Gate Backpack, it was immediately added to my “must-have” list, then upgraded to “absolutely need” shortly after. How could I say no to such a cute t-rex?

Despite being so hard to find since it’s a limited release, my parents were able to scour one and surprise me with it. In response, I hugged the bag for about a half hour and couldn’t stop planning content ideas for the next time I get to go to Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure (question: would Blue the velociraptor like it?). 

The details on this bag are absolutely insane. Not only do the doors open on the front, the walls of the main gate are textured! Plus, on the back, there’s a hidden little Dr. Ian Malcolm Funko Pop! On the inside, the pattern alternates between the Jurassic Park logo and the Funko Pop! logo in a red and black color scheme. Plus, one of the zipper pulls has an enamel version of the famous T-Rex park logo. As always, the bag is big enough to fit anything you could possibly need for a day of adventuring and dino-chasing, and has a small hidden interior pocket for any valuables you’d want to keep away from our prehistoric friends.

As you could imagine, this became my new favorite Loungefly backpack, so I was quite disappointed when my good friend, Sir Rawrs-A-Lot, decided he wanted to borrow it. Don’t worry, I was able to pry it out of his little claws.

This backpack was formerly available at BoxLunch Gifts, but the stock is nearing extinction. I’m sure a little hunt in a gyrosphere (or just your internet browser) will turn a few up.

Have a terrific (and jurassic!) day,

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