Outfits of the Week: College Edition

One of my favorite parts about college so far is being able to wear whatever I want! My high school did have a dress code, so I couldn’t wear all of my favorite items, but I also tried to dress in a way that would be comfortable for my building’s specific environment. In college, I can truly wear whatever I feel like wearing, and I love being able to express myself in this way! I’ve really loved some of the outfits I’ve put together lately, so I thought I’d share a week of my college outfits!

Day 1

Shirt- Jadelynn Brooke (use code TPMC for 15% off!), Jeans- Hollister, Booties- Primark

It was really starting to feel like fall, and it got quite chilly after feeling like summer well into September (which I’m not complaining about, I love summer weather). I had gotten a pair of mom jeans last winter, and was looking forward to wearing them again this year. I decided to pair my jeans with this super cute and motivational Jadelynn Brooke shirt, which was just recently released! To finish off the look, I styled my outfit with my adorable Primark booties.

Day 2

Top- American Eagle, Jeans- American Eagle, Sneakers- Adidas, Necklace- Fintastic Configuration (Etsy), Bracelets- Pura Vida Bracelets & Pandora

The weather had begun to warm up again, but it was still kind of chilly, so I thought to wear a lightweight shirt with sleeves. I had recently bought this cute top from American Eagle, and I absolutely love the big sleeves, the embroidered floral details, and the neon color. I paired the shirt with my favorite jeggings, and my favorite sneakers for the perfect look.

Day 3

Top- American Eagle, Skirt- American Eagle, Sneakers- Adidas, Necklace- Fintastic Configuration (Etsy), Bracelets- Pura Vida Bracelets & Pandora

The weather was, once again, in between fall and summer. I absolutely love summer style and am constantly wishing for an endless summer, so I tried to incorporate a summer feel into fall clothing. I’m absolutely obsessed with the current neon trend, and I think this wrap skirt is so cute and comfortable. Plus, it’s neon pink, and totally my style. I thought an off-shoulder shirt would go perfectly with it, and this one from a few seasons ago was the perfect match for both the skirt and the weather. I once again wore my favorite pink Adidas sneakers. Finally, since it’s fall (and I’m a total Disney person), I wore my rose gold “magic pumpkin” necklace from Fintastic Configuration, and it was the perfect touch.

Day 4

Top- American Eagle, Skort- Lilly Pulitzer, Shoes- Adidas, Necklace- Fintastic Configuration (Etsy), Bracelets- Pura Vida & Pandora

This was such a crazy day for me! I was on campus from roughly 10:30am to 9:30pm, and I really only had two hours worth of breaks in total. Not only was I crazy busy, but the weather was unusually warm for this time of year (which I absolutely love). Unfortunately, I couldn’t just dress in Lilly luxletic because some of my events were on the more formal side (like my first meeting with my academic advisor and a book club meeting with the President of my college). So, to compromise, a “park day” outfit came into play- something comfy while still presentable and cute. I got this shirt for less than $5 at American Eagle clearance this summer (see: Florida Vlog August 2019 Day 2), and it’s so comfy and lightweight, and the little embroidered details make it extra cute. It paired perfectly with this Lilly Pulitzer skort, which I think is absolutely fantastic for busy and active days. Of course, I had to match it with my favorite sneakers, my daily jewelry, and a Fintastic Configuration necklace for a little extra everyday magic.

Day 5

Top- J. Crew Factory, Skirt- American Eagle, Boots- Primark, Necklace- Fintastic Configuration (Etsy), Earrings- Kate Spade Outlet, Bracelets- Pura Vida & Pandora

Of all the days, this one felt the most like fall, but it was still pretty warm. I had gotten this red midi skirt from American Eagle while I was on my birthday weekend vacation (vlog coming soon!), and I was waiting patiently for fall weather to wear it! Luckily, this day was the perfect day to wear it! I paired it with an J. Crew shirt with a little bit of color in the pocket, and these Primark booties. Since it was a fall look, I had to pair it with my Magical Pumpkin necklace from Fintastic Configuration. It was a very comfy and cute look for a fall day, and I’m hoping to restyle this skirt soon!

I had fun sharing a week of my college outfits! Be sure to let me know which one is your favorite, and if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future!

See ya real soon,

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